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Main Islamabad-Murree Expressway, Islamabad

About the Development

Irtifa Group represents a group of companies, a team of varied skills and a place to manage businesses of diverse nature. However, each one of them is united by a shared vision, purpose and a mission to transform for a better tomorrow.Irtifa is inventive, disruptive and capable to transform — through  technologies, knowledge and unique expertise.our HOPE approach does transform businesses, nations and people destinies — into healthy, well connected, Progressive nations and profiting businesses. Their brand is FULFILLING HOPE, bringing to life the anticipations of the emergentPan-Asian nations, businesses and people,through the means of modern technology.


Irtifa Group aspires to transform the emerging Pan-Asian nations, industries, business and peoples’ destinies through innovative business solutions for peace, health and prosperity of the people. Our premier technological solutions are fulfilling human hopes for safety, connectivity and good health, while our quality services for public and enterprise domains are honoring our nation’s and our family’s values.

Montviro is a mega real estate project by Irtifa Group.In response to a new wave of innovation,development and techniques, Irtifa Group has designed the whole concept of Montviro that has inspired investors, consumers and marketers alike.Coupled with cutting-edge features and technologies, Montviro is not simply a structure rather it has become a brand that represents 5-Star Hotel, Shopping Mall and Pakistan’s first Amusement Park.
Irtifa Group channelized all its partner agencies and resources to make the project of Montviro an instant success. It started with a simple vision to build a world-class atrium and embellish it with unique features and amenities that may create an experience hard to ignore and even harder to forget. Irtifa Group partner companies have developed Montviro a brand and set the standards that have a very few local parallels.
Amidst the breathtaking hilly backdrop of Murree, rests a vision, dream & a promise by Irtifa Group to transform the real estate dimensions in Pakistan and put forward an extraordinary investment opportunity with even more astonishing returns. From the adorable serene sights to the luxurious lifestyle experiences and beyond, Montviro is the destination to make eternal memories with your beloveds to cherish forever.
Inspired by the nature and driven with the passion to create amazement along the riverine, the spectacular piece of artistry is the best commercial real estate investment in Pakistan. Dedicated for a high-end Shopping Mall, ultra-luxury Five Star Hotel and a magnificent Theme Park stretching over the area of approximately 326 Kanals, Montviro is going to be the next hottest vacation destination for local and international tourists, making it the safest investment among all the upcoming real estate projects.

Development Facilities

Montviro Hotel


Montviro,a five star hotel is the best property for sale in Islamabad with its scenic surroundings and exquisite architecture. Beautifully located near the green hills and next business hub of Islamabad, it's the most commercially viable place to invest in offering the investors in Pakistan and overseas with a great business and investment opportunity. Montviro Hotel is embedded with luxurious rooms with a touch of homelike comfort and coziness. Invest in hotel rooms and suites to get monthly income returns.

Cave Restaurant:
The pleasant moments spent at our cave restaurant are moments of joy and ecstasy with excellent contribution to the mastery of food preparation and chefs that direct everything and entertain guests with a natural affability.
Infinity Pool:
While floating in our most stunning rooftop infinity pools, you won't find a more spectacular photo-taking spot anywhere in the country. Experience the unforgettable beauty of a sunset and sunrise amidst the clouds.
Health & Fitness Center:
Find your inner strength in harmony with nature! Montviro members enjoy access to 5 star luxury spa, and state of the art gym with latest equipment and a wide range of classes, sauna and Jacuzzi.
Hotel Lobby:
Montviro’s Hotel lobby is furnished with exquisite interior features and indoor water elements. It's the perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee along with a sight of soothing waterfall.
Business Center:
Montviro Business Center provides modern interiors along with a serene work environment. Its state of art facilities allows guests to work while they are staying at the hotel. The hotel's business center offers a wide range of services for the corporate traveler.
Presidential Suite: Our luxurious Presidential Suite is markedly spacious and double heighted with a hill top roof. It is uniquely designed two-bedroom suite on 5th floor that will provide you a scenic as well as a water front view. Also, it consists of a mini theatre, private gym, jacuzzi and an infinity pool.
Executive Suite: Our Executive Suites with 850 Sq ft height are situated on 4th and 5th floor of the Hotel. Guests can choose between different interior options i.e. two-bedroom, twin Queen and single king with the advantage of separate sitting area. These spacious rooms are flooded with natural sunlight and offer elegantly furnished area, designed both for work and relaxation purpose.
Deluxe Room: Bright and stylish interiors of deluxe rooms appeal with their exquisite décor and luxurious design. Our Deluxe rooms with 450 Sq ft height on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor, are equipped with two different interior options i.e twin Queen and single King. These rooms have spacious sitting arrangement with a scenic gallery view to provide true relaxation.
Montviro Shopping Mall
Redefining Luxury:Montviro Shopping Mall is designed to be a high-end shopping mall with five floors of luxury retail experience for all ages with the brilliant idea of riverside shopping experience. It makes the visitors feel like they are interacting with the nature while shopping. Beautifully located near the green hills and next business hub of Islamabad, it's the most commercially viable place to invest in.
Food Court: Discover the Must-Have bites with appetizing aroma of spices, including regional and imported range of food for hungry locals and inquisitive tourists alike. No matter what kind of food you prefer, you’ll find it in our in our unique and modern Food Court prepared fresh to order and ready to excite your taste buds.
Glass Atrium: Montviro Shopping Mall Atrium is completely frameless and almost invisible facade, with no use of steel or concrete elements, providing complete air tightness, waterproofing and thermal insulation with a great view.
Gold Souk:Inspired by the Dubai Gold Souk, Montviro is introducing for the first time in Pakistan a gold market. A labyrinth of gold color walkways is going to be home for hundreds of retailers offering a huge selection of gold jewelry. Its unique and eye-catching design is going to be a tourist attraction.


 Islamabad-Murree Expressway

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