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Lahore Islamabad Motorway , Rawalpindi

About the Development

MIVIDA Pakistan has been labelled the country’s ‘first eco-sustainable city with smart progression’. It is located prominently on Charki Road, with easy access to the twin cities.

With the lush greenery of Islamabad as its backdrop, the Mivida Pakistan project encompasses the best residential, commercial, public and resort living amenities for its residents. The project is more than an average housing scheme, but a city within itself that offers an ‘ultra-high lifestyle’ within an affordable and (even better) sustainable
What does a sustainable city entail?
A sustainable city refers to a project that has been developed without an over-reliance on external sources — one that utilizes renewable sources of energy, reduces wastage, recycles materials and water, and also conserves energy. Smart localities use digital means to improve life quality, reduce the carbon footprint, and encourage environmental health — all without compromising on the basic luxuries of life.

Development Facilities

Mivida Pakistan aims to promote eco-sustainable living by offering green core infrastructure, maintained through efficient technologies. Some of its notable eco- friendly features include:

1. Aqueducts Recharger Ponds
2. Bio-domes using Passive Cooling Method
3. Bio-filtered Wastewater Recycling
4. Centralized Waste Management, Recycling Centers & Bins
5. Greywater Management at Housing Infrastructure
6. Less Carbon Footprint
7. Reduced Water Consumption
8. Renewable Energy through Solar Farms, Windmills & Bio Plant
9. Rainwater Collection Ponds
10. Stormwater Management Infrastructure
11. Sustainable Landscape Preservation Strategies
12. Water Conservation & Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
13. Wastewater Recycling & Treatment Plant (WWTP)
An Exceptional Lifestyle awaits at Mivida Pakistan The project offers all basic amenities that a modern residential community considers vital. However, beyond the basics, the project offers state of the art educational, health and civic amenities as well. The project has vast commercial and social options to accommodate both residents and investors. It offers chalets & resorts, low and high-rise living apartments, luxury villas, and various social clubs to accommodate the tastes and preferences of all its residents.


Lahore Islamabad Motorway , Rawalpindi

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Lahore Islamabad Motorway , Rawalpindi


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