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GlobBiz Avenue


3rd Floor, Almas Tower, 3-R, M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore-Pakistan

About the Development

Gwadar Builders & Associates, a sister organization of GBA and builders of GlobBiz Avenue, consisted on a team of highly skilled professionals in fields of town planning, architecture, construction engineering and horticulture, working with close collaboration to achieve the state-of-the-art perfection in all the aspects of town planning. Gwadar Builders & Associates has always done their best to make sure that their clients should have a gainful return of their money invested. It is an open proof of its devotion to work and loyalty to its customers that GlobBiz Avenue has become a symbol of success and achievements in a very short time and being considered as an icon for the development of residential and commercial area of Gwadar City.

Gwadar Builders & Associates has taken special considerations for the developments of sea-breeze area of GlobBiz Avenue, which already possesses unrivaled natural beauty, and using its architectural and imaginative genius and state-of-the-art technology Gwadar Builders & Associates has erected elegant and captivating Beach Resorts that will attract the beach lovers tourists from all over the world, and in the result sea-front of GlobBiz Avenue will turn to be a multinational cultural hub of the area, over pouring with variety of opportunities. 
Gwadar is an ideal place to emerge as attractive tourist destination due to its beautiful virgin beaches, sea life, large open spaces and its proximity to the Gulf. The beaches in Gwadar area are the finest in the world, offering sunshine round the year. These beaches can be developed and exploited by the hotel, recreational and tourist industry to their high prospects. Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has proposed an exclusive self-sustaining tourism resort for the foreign tourists and beach lovers on the west bay including a Mariano’s store.
GDA Vision and Agenda:
In order to ensure the state-of-the-art planning of city Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has paid special consideration to the fact that it is going be one of the mega cosmopolitan cities of the world and a vibrant, transit and transshipment port of the region. GDA has prepared a viable Master Plan for the city keeping in view to accommodate all the residential, industrial, commercial and recreational hustle and bustle of the coming years. To achieve its goal GDA has established different zones for residential, industrial, commercial and recreational purposes and has allocated huge and vast land areas for each zone accordingly with all the due supportive facilitations and services to regulate the corresponding activities.
Other priorities on GDA agenda are:
  • Establishment of Right of Way for Road Network
  • Facilitating Port Related Activities
  • Protecting West Bay (Recreational area) from Pollution
  • Encouragement of Private Investors
  • Decongestion of Old City
  • Modular Approach for Development
  • Protection of Public Investment/Monitoring Mechanism

Development Facilities

GlobBiz Avenue is a mega project of Gwadar Builders & Associates, which is a fellow organization of GBA group.GBA is a Pakistan based multinational group consisted on highly prestigious and world fame companies, which holds strong footings in the domain of business and industry and has earned a prestigious and respectable position not only in the also at international level.GBA is always keen to locate new horizons and innovative means to cater its clients with the best in the arenas.



  • A+ location in basic Gwadar Master Plan
  • The easiest accessible location
  • Stretching over both side of BALOCHISTAN BROADWAY
  • In the vicinity of Provincial Secretariate, Turbat University, Central Sports & Cultural Complex and adjacent to Balochistan Employees Housing   Society
  • GlobBiz Avenue epicenter of the future world trade
  • Extraordinary safe and profitable investment opportunity for all income groups
  • Highly Precious Project on Balochistan Broadway The Most Precious and High Valued Location in Gwadar Master Plan
Deep Seaport:
Nature has bestowed Gwadar with the honor to be the deepest seaport of the world, it means that the mother ships can come directly at the port and can be unloaded and loaded without the help of feeder vessels, which saves lot of time and money. This aspect of Gwadar will lead it to become the largest seaport and main hub of international business and trade in the region. After the completion of first phase of its construction with close cooperation of China in 2006, the new phases of construction are currently underway as part of planned improvements under CPEC and other ancillary projects. It will be the largest business center of the world and being the only deep seaport in the region will be used by the mega cargo and oil vessels from all over the world.
Biggest Free Seaport:
As the Govt. of Pakistan has declared Gwadar a free seaport and offered very attractive incentives, like 40 years tax holidays and thousands of acres of free economic zone exempted from Pakistan’s income, sales, and federal excise taxes for 23 years, lure international community including Pakistan, China, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Iran, Russia, UAE, and Kazakhstan and many others countries to invest heavily in Gwadar’s mega developments. After the completion of all this work Gwadar will be an ideal destination for potential investors, engulfing the massive portion of business and commercial activities of the region.
Security in Gwadar:
People of District Gawadar and Makran a Division of Blochistan are very docile, friendly and peaceful by nature; the crime rate in the area is very low no significant crime has been reported for many years. Being desert and coastal area it is free of traditional tribal structure and its malicious upshots.
Keeping in view the international significance of this city and its financial and commercial importance the Government has executed concrete and special measures for its security as a whole and of its habitants at individual level.
A military cantonment is being set up in Gwadar to safeguard the country’s interests, and 6000 acres of land has already been allocated for this cant area. A Battalion of Pakistan Army has been stationed before now with more troops in follow up.The steps taken by the government to keep law and order in the region and to provide unbreakable shelter for the mega national projects in the area are very encouraging and promising for the investors in Gwadar.


 Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan

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3rd Floor, Almas Tower, 3-R, M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore-Pakistan.

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+92 42 111 41 42 43

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3rd Floor, Almas Tower, 3-R, M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore-Pakistan.

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