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Main GT Road, Yadgar e Shuhada Near Manawan Police Training Center, Lahore.

About the Development

AL-GHANI developers was established in 2006 by MALIK ALEEM MAJEED AWAN. He is the highly regarded amongst the veteran real estate DEVELOPER in the vicinity. Since its inception, the Group has now moved in 2th decade of successful innovative Housing society Operations. The legendary contributions of MALIK ALEEM MAJEED AWAN in commercial and residential Plots for sale in Lahore has progressed.

Al-Ghani developers become into a multifaceted organization. We Have an authority over innovative cum economical residential solutions which cherishes successful completion of numerous housing societies. Al-ghani today have the crown to complete and deliver more than three different phases to its credit. We take pride in pioneering proper housing society concept in an area near Lahore international airport and Quaid-e-Azam interchange.
Their innovative approaches have continued to gain momentous popularity. They are producing a housing societies that bring satisfaction of our valued customers and investors. Alhamdulillah, Today Al-ghani garden is in the second generation of its commercial operations under the leader ship of CEO MUNEEB ALEEM AWAN. He is committed to deliver quality products, safely on time at a good value.
Today, AL-GHANI GROUP is known for its commitment, deliverance as per promise and providing excellent living environment in low cost housing projects in the form of residential plots for sale in Lahore. In this regard, Al–ghani garden delivered its latest signature BLOCK D stretched over an area of 12 acres delivered to its client in record time of 120 days and full filled the promise it made to its client at the start of its marketing campaign.
Al Ghani Garden Phase 3 is the ongoing residential project in Lahore by Al Ghani Garden Pvt Ltd. Al Ghani Garden Phase 3 is offering 3, 4, 5, 7 & 10 Marla residential plots for sale. Plots in Al Ghani Garden Phase 3 can be booked on cash payment and also on easy installments of 3 years. Al Ghani Garden Phase 3 is one of the top housing schemes in Lahore due to state of the art planning, top location and provision of all modern facilities. Al Ghani Garden Phase 3 is ideal for living and property investment in Lahore.

Development Facilities


AL-GHANI developers are proud to introduce STORM WATER DRAINAGE SYSTEM in AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3. The state of art drainage and sewerage system technology is the jewel in crown and already running successfully in USA, UK, NEWZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA. Currently this technology is only available in DHA PHASE 6 and BAHRIA TOWN. The strive for better than the rest and passion to work for the local area pushed AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS to bring this drainage technology all the way from 1st world countries and offer it their clients.
AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS offers EXPRESS VAN shuttle services .The express shuttle service intended to provide its valued future client an initial free ride from society to ORANGE TRAIN and Metro Bus service. The shuttle van service will run after every 20 mins and will be in operation from 6:00 am to 10:00PM.
In order to boost cultural and urban versatility, AL-GHANI developers tend to offer COMMUNITY CENTER in phase 3.The community center will itself be the first of its kind in te vicinity .The motivation to serve the society itself draws al-ghani developers attention that the community living in PHASE-3 will get the best of all the facilities offered in various elite society.
IN THIS REGARD Community centre will be develop  where members of a community will  gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes.It will be  the place for all-community celebrations at various occasions and traditions.in futre community center will be used for:
As the place for public meetings of the residents.
As the place where politicians/owners/ or other official leaders come to meet the residents and ask for their opinions/reservations/cpmplains
As a place where community members meet each other socially.
As a place for cariouse activities and events.
As a place that community members can rent cheaply when a private family function or party is too big for their own home. For instance  weddings etc.
As a place that passes on and retells local history.
As a place where local non-government activities are organized.
As a place where indoor circuses can entertain the paying public.
HOSPITAL / Dispensary/ Ambulance
100,60,40,30 FT ROADS
Roads  can yield major economic and social benefits as well as mental peace to the residents of the socity.Roads not only help in raising beauty of the socity but also improves environmental beauty.In order to avoide any future transportation disaster AL-GHANI offers minimum 30ft roads in its phase 3 along with 40ft road and 100ft road.The road will be well carpeted and will provide an excellent eco syatem and environment.
In addition to a number of social benefits , AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS offers a commercial avenue in their latest PHASE3.In a vigorous capitalist economy , the commercial avenue in near future is not only expected to become a profitable business but will also offer number of social and economic benefits.The development of variouse housing socity project in the area without commercial will make AL-GHANI PHASE 3 COMMERCIAL AVENUE the game changer in the vicinity.The future benefits are centainly real.
AL-GHANI COMMERCIAL AVENUE has been designed with commercial and retail buisness preception.With 2,3 marlas commercial plots at the face of socity , the commercial avenue will offer an outstanding environment for buisness and an excellent opportunity for investors and forward thinking retailers.The state of art facilities and modern infra structure AL-GHANI phase 3 commercial avenue will be new corner stone for regional buisness and commercial activites
AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS take great pride in ensuring that the residents of PHASE3 will get uncut supply of clean water.The devlopers will be  responsible for water and sanitation policy.
Inspite of having sufficient underground water , The water supply system will comprises of 4-5 tube wells, 1-2 huge underground water tank of 200,000-300,000 gallons and 5-6 overhead tanks each of 50,000-60,000 gallons capacity. All overhead tanks will inter-connected.The water distribution system will be state of art just like DHA and BAHRIA TOWN
Along with the state of art water supply system AL-GHANI developers tend to install commercial reverse osmosis water treatment plant to ensure that its phase 3 residents will get water which have  :
1.No disease-producing organisms.
2.That it will be colorless and clear.
3.That it will be good-tasting, free from odors and preferably cool.
4.That it be non-corrosive.
5.That it be free from objectionable gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, and objectionable staining minerals, such as iron and manganese.
6.That it be plentiful and low in cost.
LOW cost housing society projects are especially short of parks.With an increase tendency of devloping into an urban nation ,the importance parks in socity can not be neglected.Parks  improve our physical and psychological health, strengthen our communities, and make our neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work.They not only increase value of our residential property but also provides substantial environmental benefits along with social and community benifts.With passion to serve the people willing to invest in phase 3 , AL-GHANI developers have designated a huge chunk of area to parks for the residents.The sould purpose is to provide the iconic faclities and excellent living environment at an affordeble price.
AL-GHANI developers forsee that with steady increase in population and the change of lifestyles waste amount in future will be increase considerebly . This future problem need to handeled today with futuristic planning to ensure a clean and peaceful living for the residents of AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3.
It is this for this reason that AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS are proud to introduce SOLID WATSE management system in its phase 3.Each residential and commercial units will be deployed with a waste basket .The residents will be provided with oxo-biodegradeble waste disposeble bags in which they will dispose their waste and put it in basket outside the house .The waste will be eventually collected by the waste management truck or staff. Puposed plot shall be assigned for solid waste management.
Further more those waste will be handeled via variouse solid waste management techniques like city farming, earthworm biotechnology,bio catalyses etc.
In order to mitigate the unwanted effects of destructive fire AL-GHANI DEVELEPORS Again take lead among its competitors .In order to avoide incident of massive fire and ensure fire prevention and life safety al –ghani developers take pride in introducing fire fighting syatem supported by high pressure pumps and a dedicated underground static water resorvoir.Fire extinguishers and sand buckets will be deployed at prominent places.A fuly trained staff and a separate department will be developed in this regard.The fire department will give immediate response in mitigating the risk if arised.
In order to provide a decent and safe dewelling to the eligible low income families al-ghani developers have introduced a semi underground eectrification in its phase 3.The step is indeed promising for the prospective residents who plans to live here and enjoy TOP loat housing socity infrastructure and facilities.The future gains for the residents will be extraordinary in short term as well in long term.
Safety of residents is the utmost priority of AL-GHANI developers.In this regard security and survellience camers will be installed thoughout the project to ensure secure living standered for the residents.AL-Ghani security department will be equipped with highly trained and resourceful security personnel who will constantly patrol the vicinity and socity.
These highly tained security force will be equipped with modern weapns and wireless communication systems and will patrol area round the clock to ensure peaceful environment for the residents.In addition to that security camers will be cover every inch of the socityto protect the residents..
IN order to promote islamic values,techings and religiouse harmony AL-GHANI Developers will develop a mosque identical to the appearance of AL-AQSA MOSQUE in jeruselam.The mosque wil not only  be the  identity of AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3 but will also  symbolizes al-ghani garden phase 3 among all its competitors.The mosque will provide not only breathtaking views representing islamic history but will also help in creating a vibrant islamic amiance for the residents of the society.There will also be dedicated prayers area for women along with an islamic art gallery.
The severage system in AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3 will be state of art with minimum 13inch prefabricated trench drain that is gravel and blockage free .It not only cuts installation time but also eliminates the risk for future load of population.The sewerag will however be treated before disposing it to the targt nullah/area.
The motivation to work fair and square has pushed AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS to introduce free plot insurance to its potential investors in AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3.The motivation is just to protect its investors and their families from any financial loss and future uncertanity.In case of death of the alotte of the plot/file during the course of ownership of plot , the assigned residential/commercial unit  is directly tranferred to the nominee of the alotte without paying a single peny .All the further due amounts are immediately withdrawn and plot is tranferred immediately to the nominee.(TERMS AND CONDITION APPLY)
AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3 located in the most desiered area of the vicinity also offers low cost housing blocks in the form of 3 marla aprtments.The location , design and construction of apartments will represent the vibrant soul of eastern part of lahore.These apartments residents will be swept away by tastefully stylish and spaciouse design, convenient roadways , lush green surroundings and exhaustive list of facilities in a very reasoneble price.
AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3 with its beautiful , green , splendid horticulture and most modern facilities in low cost housing projects has properly segregated 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 marla plots in different blocks to ensure uniform layout.With the increase trend of people settling in eastern part of lahore and government plan to construct 7th structured road in the area it is highly expected that in near future even the prices of raw land will be double.In this regard the prices in al-ghani garden phase 3 will shoot up in a very short time and investors will certainly have golden opportunity to earn handsome profits.
Being a dedicated and responsible Developer the admistration of society will remain in the hands of AL-GHANI DEVELOPERS who will ensure smooth running of society affair even after selling it off to the end  users.Maintainence or service charges will be levied to cater for expense incurred.The amount collected under service charges is used to pay salaries of the society office , technical and administration staff.The devloper will ensure that every resident pay the maintainence and service fee assigned by the developers..

All the development in AL-GHANI GARDEN PHASE 3 will be state of art .From architechural design to lush green parks ,paved roads , clear passages , storm water drainage system, french fabricated gravel free sewerage pipes , fire fighting system , community and sports center , commercial avenue, hospital , security and survellience system and semi underground wiring .All the development work will be at an exemplary pace and the project will be landmark in the history of vicinity



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