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Abdullah City


House # 1, Abdullah City, Near Rawalpindi Cadet College Main Ghaus-e-Azam Road, Rawalpindi.

About the Development

Construction and engineering services sector is one of the fastest developing sectors in Pakistan. After a short run of notable performances in the gigantic Indus Basin works which included construction of large dams (Tarbela, Mangla etc), barrages and link canals and the prestigious Pakistan Steel Mills project, the sector is presently in a state of commercial realization. Abdullah City has played a pioneering role in commercializing the real estate development and marketing at a nationwide continuous scale. Today, due to the retail investment momentum generated by Abdullah City in real estate, a host of other sizable national concerns have joined the industry. Some prestigious international real estate development & marketing brands have also funneled investment in billions of US dollars over the last one year only. Such is the un-tapped business opportunity and growth in the real estate sector in Pakistan.
Abdullah City has the distinction of being the daring pioneer and a contributor to the establishment of the real estate sector as a “formal industry” in Pakistan. Today it is due to these efforts of Abdullah City that real estate industry regulatory measures are under view at the national governmental level and real estate investments have been brought under the tax net. With a dearth of over 800,000 housing units per year in Pakistan and a total combined production capacity of the public and private sector estimated at 350,000 units per year there is a piling of some 450,000 housing units that add into the next years backlog. The investment opportunity, for both the national and international observer, is therefore better than ever.
The recent earthquake has also brought the attention of the regulatory bodies, and equally importantly that of the end buyer and resident to the need for enforcement of building codes, safe land use patterns and quality construction practices. Seismic consideration in architectural design is now heavily being monitored and benchmarks have been identified for various seismic zones. The end customer is now more aware to the engineering and technical expertise required for construction than ever and is willing to prefer quality units over cheaper and only superficially designed private contractor proposals. It would be appropriate to state that today’s buyer of real estate products in Pakistan values quality offers in the real estate construction sector and is in anticipation for such new opportunities. This but makes a perfect business case for investment in the real estate development sector in Pakistan.
Abdullah Marketing offered a mega project at 6km from chakri interchange in the name of Abdullah City and commercial center which is ideally located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi with direct access to Islamabad.
The Project is consisting of 5, 10 Marla’s,1 Kanal residential and 1, 3, 6 Marla’s commercial plots on easy installments.Exceeding expectation is always our priority.They bring a proactive an progressive approach to our projects. Our power generation will ensure no load shedding in the society. Abdullah Marketing also deals in General Contraction Services, Repair, Designing and Construction Management for model houses on demand.


Abdullah City is an extraordinary real estate development that is a complete metropolis in itself. We providing an astounding lifestyle to its residents through a fusion of parks, mosques, school, hospital, zoo, commercial areas and a high class community center.

Development Facilities

Features And Facilities:


“Abdullah City”, is another super mart but with a distinct look that supersedes all claims of its peers in the same category as an international level Shopping Malls. Located in the most prestigious place, it unravels the true intrinsic values and a shopping experience that can only be felt in the best Malls of Europe. The spaces are reminiscent of the international retail houses like spinneys, waitrose and other leading stores of Europe and America. It is a first for the Pakistani consumer, a high end retail store that reveals in its ostentatious display the great range and diversity of products that can cater to an equally diverse clientele and customer. Unlimited is the word that best describes the product range at Abdullah supermarket. For the Pakistani shopper it is a dream come true, for not only does it have as they say “everything under the sun”, it also extends to its customer that privilege of the access to the best products catering to the needs of every person predisposed to quality but at a price that has no qualms of being the best in every category.
The Splendor of Silence, Surrender and Serenity.Along with an extensive range of retail, restaurants and entertainment options, there are many unique features to the Mall unlikely to be found in any other complex in the country. The 650,000 square foot complex is home to over 70 world-class shops, corporate offices and 60 luxurious apartments where families are already enjoying a complete living experience.the square at Abdullah City Rawalpindi is a commercial hub which provides entertainment for everyone. The Square includes a Dining Hall with several exceptional restaurants, a Gym by Life Fitness, a Sports Bar and sheesha Lunge, a party/wedding halls and a state of the art Movie theatre. The Brand New Food Court at the Abdullah City is a complete destination offering International Fast Food and Cafes along with Mediterranean, Arabic and Traditional Cuisines. 
Dining out is an important part of the Pakistani lifestyle. Be it with family, associates or just a casual night out with friends; the traditional love for cuisines always culminates these outings at restaurants, hotels and food courts. At Abdullah City we offer a wide variety of cuisines and ambiance to fit every mood and occasion. Safari 2 Nite provides a comfortable sitting area where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, music, ambience and most of all, the chef’s marvelous cooking skills. The BBQ at the Safari 2 Nite serves familiar favorites for lunch, dinner and late night meals, creating a friendly neighborhood vibe. The right balance of juicy tender meats, topped with our family recipe barbecue sauces will give your taste buds a run for their money.
A very integral part of any community living concept is to have complete and comprehensive medical services, so that the residents feel well cared for. The medical facilities at Abdullah City are equipped extensively with the most modern and sophisticated medical equipment run by experienced and highly qualified medical specialists.Treatments And Services Available:
  • Nephrology
  • ENT
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Dentistry
  • General surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Renal Transplant
  • Bone Marrow transplant
  • 24 hours emergency care unit/trauma centre
  • 24/7 On call ambulance service reaching any resident within 3 minutes
Abdullah City is a pretty spirit lifting place to live. The nature-full serene setting reminds us all of the boundless blessings Allah, The Creator, has arranged for our peace. “The Home of Allah”, Mosques, in such settings is but our humble effort to thank our Allah Almighty for His kindness. Abdullah City has provisioned each residential Sector with a mosque. For wider congregations there are Jamia Mosques provisioned for each sector, for occasions like Friday prayers and Eid prayers. Parking space is also available within mosque compounds.
Believing in an educated nation, Abdullah city aims to strengthen Pakistan’s future as a nation. With conscientiously designed school setup and finest team of educationists to facilitate objective learning, Abdullah Apartments is securing a desirable future for your children. Fully equipped science laboratories, computer rooms, libraries and playgrounds, Abdullah city runs a host of primary and secondary education schools providing the highest quality of teaching and extracurricular activities for an all-round balanced growth of our most precious assets, our children.
Abdullah City has installed comprehensive security systems throughout the project to ensure secure living standards for the residents. Abdullah City security department is equipped with highly trained and resourceful security personnel who are consistently patrolling the vicinity.
Candle light dinners are most enjoyable when they are not forced. In today’s modern world of electrical home appliances we realize that poor maintenance of the electricity supply may mean a loss of a few expensive appliances alongside added inconvenience. Thus in order to keep your passionately light decorated houses glimmering we have commissioned a dedicated grid station to ensure high reliability power supply.
Roads are like arteries in the human body, if any gets blocked or falls out of circuit, the entire system suffers. The road network in Abdullah City is designed keeping the criticality of smooth flow. Roads have been made so as to connect the various projects in Abdullah City; this creates a sense of community like no one else does. Members are able to benefit from the amenities & facilities in other projects with ease. The concept of the road mesh revolves around quickest, most direct and easiest access to and fro locations of frequency and emergency like commercial hubs and medical facilities from each single location in Abdullah City. Exceptionally maintained green belts with water sprinklers and footpaths makes this community first choice for families aspiring a good quality life. Traffic Management features Abdullah City has complete traffic management system



Abdullah City, Near Rawalpindi Cadet College Main Ghaus-e-Azam Road, Rawalpindi.


Payment Schedule

 5 Marla

Residential plot
Total Price 825000
Membership 5000
Booking 120000
Monthly Installment 14500
10 Marla
Residential plot
Total Price 1510000
Membership 10000
Booking 200000
Monthly Installment 27000
1 kanal
Residential plot
Total Price 2860000
Membership 20000
Booking 400000
Monthly Installment 50000

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Office # T9-T10, 3rd Floor, Rizwan Arcade, Adam Jee Road Saddar Rawalpindi.


Site Office

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House # 1, Abdullah City, Near Rawalpindi Cadet College Main Ghaus-e-Azam Road, Rawalpindi.


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