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ASF Arabian Vista


Headquarters ASF, B-280 Old Area, Karachi – 75200, Pakistan

About the Development

ASF City, Karachi (ACK) has been envisioned as “The Sustainable City of Pakistan”, which will serve as a model for the future independent cities in the country. The aim has been to plan and build a city, which provides its citizen a safe, comfortable, efficient and beautiful life style.
Successfully completed within a period of few months, through an unprecedented master planning exercise involving national and international experts, using latest international standards and GIS Technology, this project will bring both ASF City and Karachi on the international map of sustainable cities development.
ASF Arabian Vista; a unique apartment project which shall Insha-Allah be one of its kind. To us your comfort living, security and peace of mind come first. We are committed to providing affordable luxury living under the secured environment with ASF 24/7 security. We consider confidence of people of Karachi in general and our esteemed members in particular as our asset. With your cooperation and Allah’s guidance we shall Insha-Allah soon be one of the leading quality service providers in the city.

Development Facilities

ASF Arabian Vista is highly affordable. Despite such a prime location and modern facilities, it is a project that you can easily afford. The prices suit everyones budget and the easy payment plans spread over 54 months are buyer friendly.

Security is a prime focus for those who have planned ASF Arabian Vista meticulously. When you are living in a residential area developed by those who guard our sensitive air borders and airports so efficiently, you feel assured that the ASF Foundation will take care of everything to ensure safety of the residents.

ASF Foundation and the World Group join hands to announce ASF Arabian Vista, a grand Apartment Complex comprising of 3, 4 and 5 Rooms Apartments in Karachi. Located in an already populated area in the heart of North Karachi and facilitated with all necessities of modern day living, ASF Arabian Vista is a fine choice to make.

ASF Arabian Vista is being designed as a master piece of planning and architecture. Professional engineers and architects have invested their knowledge and art to create such brilliant structures.Spread across 64 acres of land, these Apartments promise quality and affordability to the buyers. Every apartment is a complete and amazing world with spacious bedrooms, living rooms, drawing room and kitchen. The project offers a variety of unit sizes with different setting of rooms. Every unit, big or small, features attached bathrooms, elegant kitchens, and wide balconies for light and air to pass through.

 It has been observed that people are unwilling to move to the places that are far away from the centre. They don’t want detachments from their acquaintances living nearby. ASF Arabian Vista is a residential project in the heart of North Karachi; just in the middle of regular populace. It can be reached in minutes from Power House, 4K Chowrangi from one side and Manghopir Road from the other. Such an ideal location makes Arabian Vista a darling for those desiring to live amidst their loved ones.


ASF Arabian Vista is a residential project in the heart of North Karachi; just in the middle of regular populace.

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B-280 Old Area, Karachi

03 111 333 225
03 111 333 225

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Headquarters ASF, B-280 Old Area, Karachi

03 111 333 225

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