Why is Live Chat Important for Real Estate Business?


Why is Live Chat Important for Real Estate Business?

Pakistan real estate sector is getting mature now so the buyers are becoming more demanding, users are becoming tech savvy and competition is being fierce. In short, they want better customer service through every online communication channel, especially when it comes to online mode.

Live chat offers immediate assistance to end users, gives a competitive edge to online real estate business and offers advantages to real estate agents looking to maximize the benefits of their online presence. If you are not offering this service on your portal, I am sure you must be missing out valuable business opportunities. Live chat is no more an option but a must-do now but if you still want to know more about it, the following infographic will help you realize its importance for a real estate business in Pakistan.

How Important Live Chat is for Your Online Real Estate Business?

  • Instead of making a call or leaving an email, most of the online customers prefer using live chat.
  • Around 42% of global online customers are being engaged through Live Chat.
  • Most of the entrepreneurs are integrating live chat to their e-commerce websites

WHY Customers Prefer Live Chat?

As per Forrester Research's Findings:

  • 44% of online customers state that getting an answer to their query right in the middle of online purchase is one of the best features, any portal can offer.
  • 63% of online customers prefer getting back to a website that offers live chat feature.
  • 38% of online customers take online purchase decision during live chat session

WHY Entrepreneurs must offer Live Chat?

  • Live Chat offers a personalized touch.
  • Live Chat increases customer satisfaction level.
  • Live Chat helps you building trust.
  • Live Chat cuts down communication channel expenses.
  • Live Chat increases numbers of sales queries and leads.
  • Live Chat helps entrepreneurs record real time customer’s feedback.
  • Live Chat gives your business a competitive edge.

Clock Tower Penthouse, New York

With the help of live chat, you can never let any website visitor navigate away unattended that increases the chances of generating sales lead. It will also help you experience an upsurge in customers' loyalty, which will augment your business revenue.

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Bottom Line:

Online customers get attracted to the websites offering immediate assistance through live chat. Being an online real estate agent, if you are also looking to increase sales volume and leads on your website, you must consider adding live chat to your website.

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