Where to Buy Property in Gujranwala?


Where to Buy Property in Gujranwala?

With more than 5 million population, Gujranwala is 7th largest Metropolitan Area of Pakistan. Previously, it was known as an industrial and agricultural city but now the developments, infrastructure, health facilities and lifestyle is undergoing significant transformation. Seeing the changes, private developers have taken initiative and started investing in Gujranwala real estate sector and launched well-planned residential societies for the end users.
Gujranwala real estate market has become quite active and attractive for the genuine investors during the last couple of years. It is not wrong, if we give the credit to prime residential societies such as Defence Housing Authority (DHA), City Housing and Master City, Gujranwala. The following blog points out some notable housing schemes in Gujranwala for the investment and living purpose alike.

DHA Gujranwala

Since DHA Gujranwala was launched, the society remained on top for investment - despite the fact that investors remained at low pace during this year due to elections and taxes imposed by previous government. A sudden increase in investment has been observed in the society, when the authority announced its 5 marla plots on instalments by the end of 2017.
The society is again in the limelight with the new deal offered on instalments of 10 marla and 1 kanal residential amd 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots in November, 2018. Due to this offer, the demand for 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plot files has also been increased. Seeing the response, the authority has extended the last date to submit application forms for 10 marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanal residential plots and 4 and 8 marla commercial plots from December 11 to December 19, 2018.

City Housing Scheme

In Gujranwala, there is not just one best residential society i.e. DHA but you can find few others too such as City Housing Scheme. Citi Housing Scheme introduced modern way of living to the residents of Gujranwala, the life style features modern community living style. Located along the both banks of Upper Chanab Canal, the society offers modern and elegant living in true sense - aesthetics, convenience and functionality are all merged to create a contemporary and world class residential project.
The project is equipped with clean and attractive outlook along with the monument, extensive network of roads, uninterrupted underground electric supply, lush green parks, a zoo, state of the art security measurements, and dedicated commercial area. It is definitely a lifetime experience, if you choose to live there.

Master City, Gujranwala

Master City, Gujranwala is a promising residential project that offers more than just basic amenities. This residential society offers amazing facilities such as good quality restaurants and lush green parks within the society. All land acquisition issues have also been resolved, which definitely means possession of plots. It must be an exciting time for all the file holders that they can begin constructing their homes soon.
Development work is being conducted at a faster pace, which means the residents can get the facility to enjoy peaceful yet full of amenities life. According to real estate experts, it is the best opportunity for the investors to park their savings here, be it for living or investment purpose alike. Prices of plots are being appreciated on annual basis.

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