Where Not to Invest in Lahore?


House prices down

When it comes to buying an investment property in Lahore, you cannot just snap up any property without analysing any pros and cons along with outcomes related to investment. If you are a first time property investor, you should be more prudential and calculated that will translate into higher-yield ventures down the road. But what if you do not have enough finance and still want to enter into this venture, should you go for low-budget properties in any B grade area or not?

Before investing in any kind of property, you must remember that property value increases in response to realities and not just plans – which means there is a huge difference between when you plan to sell your property at increased rate and when property prices actually start to increase. Moreover, it is also true that property prices not always tend to increase but sometimes, due to certain reasons the property prices tend to decrease. For instance, due to a natural disaster or due to negative reputation of said area – the property prices decrease and resultantly, sale purchase process might be halted on temporary basis.

If we talk about Lahore real estate market, we have shortlisted few crime-prone areas where you should think twice before investing. The crime-prone areas of provincial metropolis are Shahdara, Factory Area, Nishtar Colony, Islampura, Ichhra and Chuhng – where at least 40 to 70 incidents of crime are being reported by local police in these localities. Besides gambling dens, drug-dealers, mugging, auto-lifting and abductions are quite common in such localities.

These conclusions have been drawn on the basis of the statistics generated by the digital nerve-centre introduced by the Lahore police earlier this year. Seeing the report, the real estate experts have warned all the new and first time investors not to invest in properties there – be it for investment or living purpose. It is because the property prices are not likely to increase massively in the years to come in these areas due to increased crime rate and poor facilities and amenities, which make potential investors, lose interest in these areas.

Police observed lowest crime rate in police stations including Sarwar Road, Mochi Gate, Model Town, Lohari Gate, Mustafa Town, and Lower Mall, which make these areas favourite for real estate investment in every term.

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