What to Consider While Purchasing Off-Grid Property? (Part-2)



Living off the grid means living in the rural area, which already presents a number of safety issues that you must be aware of before choosing a property. However, one always has to face challenges in adopting this lifestyle. Following post explains the rest of the challenges that you must keep in mind before finalizing any off-grid property.

Septic Facilities

Most of the rural properties usually do not have access to public sewer system. A septic system is a personal kind of sewer system to dispose off water quite organically. Before deciding about the septic system on your property and checking its functionality, you must hire services of a soil engineer to conduct a perk test. In case, issues surface – engineer would suggest a special system that will be installed specifically for your location.

Soil Analysis

Off-grid lifestyle lovers usually have plans to grow their own food, keep their own livestock, grow a garden, raising poultry, planting an orchard or go to fishing (in case of availability). To fulfil all these plans, the land must have fertile soil in order to grow a more self-sufficient farm. Before purchasing the land, you must conduct a detailed soil analysis with the help of an expert.

Property Analysis

Before even seeing different property options, you must have already imagined the style of your dream home – you want to design. Therefore, you must analyze the said property from every angle such as, it' s exposure, it' s latitude and longitude, water availability and energy resources. If you are unable to perform this duty yourself – I suggest you hiring the services of an expert architect to make sure that you are purchasing the right land according to your plans. When you find your dream place it must be as ideal as possible for your logistical needs as it is for your emotional needs.

Threat Assessment of Area

Before finalizing the property, you must have a complete know-how about the threats you will face in the said area and how these threats will affect you. You can check the previous data to find out exactly what kinds of disasters happened in the past. The informative data can help you determine what threats are most likely, the intensity of the disasters and how the community responds to them. For instance, if the area lies in a floodplain – you must be aware of the fact whether your property sits in the floodplain or not. And in case of emergency, how will you respond to the threat. How far your property is located from the main highway, nearby hospital or any rescue team office? Gather all this information before purchasing the property.

It appears that the demand for off-grid properties is continue to grow over the next years as more and more number of people want to spend life in their own self-sustained heaven. If you are also the one, looking for a self-sustained off-grid rural property, I suggest you to analyze the chosen property against these factors before handing over your hard-earned money.

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