What makes Investors Eulogise about Johar Town, Lahore?


What makes Investors Eulogise about Johar Town, Lahore?

Johar Town, an upscale residential society in Lahore, is one of the localities that has managed to retain their eternal magnificence & splendour. After that, several new high-end residential societies sprung up in Lahore but Johar Town still has its own aura. It is located a bit away from the other posh societies of Lahore such as Gulberg, DHA and Cantt but nothing can snatch the title of the most popular and most favourite posh area of the city from Johar Town. The locality enjoys a premium location in the city, as it falls near motorway. Though several new posh residential societies including WAPDA Town, PIA Society, Valencia Town have sprouted around it yet it will ever be known as one of the largest and most successful residential projects of Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Being the largest residential society in the south of Lahore, it boasts both classic and contemporary, well-facilitated neighbourhood offering a number of houses available for sale and rent. From small homes to large villas, Johar Town has much to offer to both investors and upper & upper middle class tenants and they can find their dream property within their budget bracket. Besides peaceful neighbourhood, the society offers the best of civic amenities & utilities - be it parks, schools, play grounds, healthcare facilities, sewerage system, wide & carpeted roads, lush green greenbelts, transport system or grocery markets. In short, it is one of the best residential localities in Lahore not just in terms of facilities but also in terms of high rental yields and return on investment (ROI).

You will also find a state of the art shopping mall here named: Emporium Mall, where you can get your hands on a large number of local and international brands to satisfy your shopping needs.

It poses to be the best option when it comes to investing in southern region of Lahore, especially for the investors who intend to invest in constructed properties instead of plots to get regular monthly income with constant rise in property value, demand and rental yield over time. While digging out the facts about Johar Town, I came to know that locality is the best in terms of rental market performance and it can be said on the basis of increasing demand of rental properties in Johar Town and annual rental yield. Investors need hefty budget (around 1 billion or more, depending upon the location of residential property within society) to buy a 10 Marla home there, so only rich investors come forward to make a deal.

However, when it comes to renting out a property, not every tenant is interested in taking the entire home, depending upon the family size or rental amount bracket. Therefore, a new trend has been observed in Johar Town that upper and lower portions have become a popular choice among tenants, probably due to rental hike or their easy availability. I have learnt that when people buy home to live in, they rent out one of the portions of their homes to tenants to get additional income. Numbers of queries at HomesPakistan confirm that the demand of rental portions of 5 or 10 Marla home is far higher than the complete bigger residential units, which are certainly more expensive. The current average rent of a portion in a 5 Marla home is from Rs25,000 to Rs35,000, depending upon the location and condition of residential property.

Due to the best of facilities and amenities that Johar Town offers, it has become an ideal residential society to live in. With regular stable income and increasing property value, investors find no reason to refuse investing here. On the contrary, tenants also do not have any excuse why they should not live in a society that offers the best of everything. This is what makes investors eulogise about Johar Town, Lahore

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