What You Must Ditch as a Homeowner in 2017?



We usually hate to be scolded for our bad habits (at least, if we are OK with them) but New Year is the right time to make some resolutions and break those deplorable habits that are hurting our surroundings especially, our home. You may argue that a home does not feel pain, so we have all the rights to make any kind of abuse. But the damage it sustains in form of abuses such as scratches on the hardwood floors, a leaky spot in the kitchen or worn out walls – will one day appear and take a heavy bite on your finances in form of costly repairs.

It' s tempting for homeowners to get caught up while dreaming about the contemporary stuff for their home such as kitchen makeover, set up state-of-the-art patio to arrange family dinners. However, good homeownership means doing regular maintenance and small DIY projects to chop off repair bills.

We understand that most of us would prefer spending our free time relaxing at home rather than taking care of it. However, you will eventually save time and money by quitting your one of the bad habits.

If it' s look ok – don’t bother fixing it

Wrong! Appliances, furnaces, floors and walls – all need regular maintenance, whether they look as if they need it or not. Remember, home exteriors need to be repainted every two to three years, before you see peeling. Air and AC filters need to cleaned or replaced on regular basis. Fittings and furnishings need to be sealed before it gets leaky. Experts suggest you to adopt new habits such as when you buy or install something, follow the maintenance instructions to make product work longer.

Hanging things on door knobs

In the wee hours, almost all of us hang our office clothes on door handles on some occasion. Not to mention heavy hand bags, gym bags along with several other belongings. It does not matter what you hang at – but this actually strains doors as it can pull them out of alignment. Looks irritating but just think on that is it really hard to hang your clothes in the closet? If yes, then get some wall-mounted hangers.

Wearing shoes inside home

You may or may not know that shoes scuff floors, stain carpets and bring dust and disease into your home. If you have young babies at your home, you must be very careful instead of bringing diseases to them. Gross! Therefore, I would suggest you to leave your shoes outside your home and wear comfy slippers from the entry door and wear them only if your guests come into your home. Also remember, foot coverings are better than going barefoot. Your skin produces oil and sweat, which is also not good for flooring.

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