What You Must Ask Agent Before Investing in Real Estate?


Family near new house.

Investment in Pakistan real estate is never an easy thing, especially, when the country is passing through a rough patch and economy is not stable. Therefore, risks are high. However, still there are savvy investors who have strong holding capacity and are willing to invest in properties when the prices are low. If are also interested in buying property anywhere in Pakistan, you can contact an expert real estate agent who will let you know your target property type along with price.

It is crucial to take real estate agents help because their answers will make you feel more confident about their decision. Therefore, we suggest that you must ask them as many questions as possible to make sure getting a good return on your investment. Below are few questions that you must ask agents before buying a property.

Are you an experienced and licensed real estate agent?

You may think that it is an odd question and not relevant to property buying procedure but it is important to save you from future scams. Past experience and level of activity in the market will determine the value of the agent.

For how long, the property has been on the market?

It is crucial to know about the duration because if the house has been on sale for quite a long time, you must know the reason for not selling. Is there any issue in the property that led to such delay? Moreover, if it is overpriced and has been on the market for a long time – you can hit a jackpot. There is possibility that the seller may agree to your price quote.

Is there any hidden fee?

Other than property taxes and property transfer fee, you must know about all other fees as well that are involved in property buying. Your agent knows all about the involved charges. The answer will help you make the required changes in your budget.

What is the current condition of property?

You can ask details about the chosen property' s condition and the surrounding property along with the price to help you decide. Also, he can also update you regarding any future development in the surroundings, which will also boost your property value in near future. It will help you decide and predict the future value of your property.

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