What Not to Do while Selling Home?


What Not to Do while Selling Home?

When it comes to investing in properties or making profit from your investment - time plays an important role. Before buying or before investing in property, you must be very clear about current market trends and whether it is a buyer's market or seller's market. A buyer’s market is when a lot of homes are available for sale but not many buyers are out there to buy them. While a seller's market is when a lot of people are looking for homes but not many homes are available in the market.

Just suppose, you decide to sell your home in seller's market when not a lot of options are available in market but remember, whether it is a seller's market, your home will not sell itself. You will have to make efforts. You will read a lot about on "what to do to sell your home" but you may not know "what not to do while selling your home". The following post will help you understand things that you must avoid to save time and money while selling your home.

Do not get emotionally involved

Yes, I know it's your home and you have spent years under this roof. You have spent a lot to get it just the way, you wanted it. However, it does not mean that others will also see it with your perspective and consider it perfect for them too. Everyone has his own unique taste when it comes to aesthetics and décor. When it comes to selling the property, the space must look as neutral as possible, so buyers can envision themselves in the home. You will have to let go of the features that you love and make it a place that majority of people could love.

Do not spend fortune on Home Renovation

Several Pakistan real estate agents advise sellers to upgrade, renovate and remodel their home before they tend to sell it. Remember, renovation before you sell your home barely returns 50 percent of amount you spend. It means it is not a great investment. It's our expert's suggestion that in the seller's market, you just need to de-clutter your home and make it appear tidy instead of spending heavily on home uplifting.

Do not Offer Anything for Free

To sell home, sellers typically try to impress buyers with unusual offers such as, buy this 1 kanal home and you will get fully furnished kitchen equipped with dish washer, refrigerator and other appliances. Why? You should not do so because these things can hardly excite any buyer if he does not like the rest of home. It is also seen that most of the prospects offer you the same price that they would have even if you had not offered anything in it. Let buyers ask you for anything extra and make them pay for it. This way, you can make more money from this deal.

Do not go for Costly Repairs

It is not essential to make every required repair that will increase the closing cost. Small repairs are probably not going to make big changes in asking price but major repairs may tend to increase selling price, which buyer may not be willing to pay. Before repairing, experts suggest to talk to buyer as most of them may overlook certain repairs or prefer doing the repairs themselves.

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