What Does a Usual Day of a Real Estate Agent Look Like?


What Does a Usual Day of a Real Estate Agent Look Like?

Real estate agents assist people through the process of buying, selling and renting land, homes, offices and other properties. Besides keeping information about real estate sector, and staying current with real estate trends and regulations, the real estate agents have a multitude of daily duties, tasks and responsibilities from lead generation to conversion and from marketing the properties both online and offline to closing the deal.

One of the appealing aspects of working as a real estate agent is that each day is different, and responding to the changing needs of buyers and sellers often means shifting gears at the last minute. Though every day is different as they meet different kinds of people but there are few activities that remain same for them for most of the days. Let's have a look at these activities:

Administrative Duties

On a given day, few of the agent's activities are income-producing while others will be strictly administrative. Administrative duties include tasks such as:

  • Completing, submitting and filing real estate documents, agreements and lease records
  • Coordinating appointments, arranging house visits and meeting clients
  • Creating and distributing newsletters, listings for newspaper and online portals and other promotional materials
  • Creating and implementing paper and electronic filing systems for records, correspondence and other material
  • Data entry
  • Developing marketing plans for listings
  • Maintaining and managing client database
  • Responding to client's emails and phone calls

Administrative duties can be time-consuming, so agents usually hire an assistant to handle these day to day tasks. This leverage allows agents to consume their time effectively and be more productive.

Lead Generation

Finding clients is directly related to real estate agent's success as without buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, there would be no transaction and therefore, no business and no money. A popular way to do so is through a real estate sphere of influence that focuses on generating leads through the people the agent already know such as family, friends, neighbours, business associations and social contacts.

As majority of people buy, sell or rent property at some point in their lives, so every person that an agent meets is a potential client. And once the contact is made, it is important to follow up with the periodic phone calls, emails or text messaging to keep the agent's name fresh in potential client’s minds.

Meeting and Tours

Real estate agents work for and under the umbrella of bigger property brokers and as such typically operate out of an office with other real estate agents and brokers. Regular office meetings allow agents to share their new listings, update other agents on price reductions and discuss buyers' needs and can help agents line up buyers and sellers. This can help agents narrow the search for a buyer since they have seen the properties firsthand and can share detailed information with buyers.

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