What Differentiates an Interior Designer from the Decorator?



For residential and commercial development, interior designers play a major role and have the most important role in all the construction projects. They are known for making your home or commercial place beautiful, well-managed and sophisticated. However, people inter-mix interior designers in Pakistan with the decorators due to all the wrong reasons. They think that decorating and interior designing are interchangeable, but it is conceptually wrong.

Though, it happens due to the confusion created by the electronic media, which has blurred the line between interior designing and decoration. Therefore, interior designers want to differentiate the two and to help them, we will explain both the terms separately.

Interior Designers

These are the people who understand somebody, identify his or her need, lifestyle and behavior and design the space accordingly. To achieve this target, there is a need of artistic sense and method to design and redesign the space. It is a must for them to make the space aesthetically and architecturally settled and organized.


Decorators take the responsibility of furnishing the space and adorning it. They add beautiful ornaments, freshly painted walls and fashionable objects to give a final look to your space.

It means that both are equally essential for decorating a space, whether it is residential or commercial. However, you must be aware that interior designers know both, designing and decoration, while the decorators only decorate and give final touches to the space.

It is an interior designer or architect in Pakistan, who try to find technical solutions for making a space attractive and functional. But, it is not enough because they need to enhance the quality of life there as well. They have the aim to develop such a living space where they can easily interact with their family and as an individual. This is their vision of design to make sure that the space is used to its maximum.

Another major aspect of this discussion is to keep the originality secure of a space. An interior designer knows how to deal with it while the decorator has no concern with it. It becomes more important when your client wants to give a historical look to his or her area. It is an architect, who knows how to handle the historical places or include some history in a place.

Although, people do not realize this difference in Pakistan because there is no or a very little awareness, but if there is a need of realization of the scope, you want imaginative work in your home or need creativity inside, you must understand that difference between the two and rely only on interior designers.

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