What Buyers Want in Their Luxury Homes?


What Buyers Want in Their Luxury Homes?

Brand new, ultra shiny houses with vast lawns, driveway porch and indoor pools along with expensive furnishings and ostentatious features, once considered as the benchmark for luxury properties but not any longer. However, according to latest research, the high net worth home buyers are now looking for relatively smaller, more manageable yet focused on technological advancements.

Let's have a look at the types and features of properties that the potential buyers seek.

Contemporary Homes

Not just in Pakistan but wealthy home buyers around the world prefer modern and fully-equipped homes now - both in interior, construction and architecture style. While some may still choose sturdy and strong construction of older homes but some buyers tend to invest in newly built homes with open floor plans with contemporary interiors. Most of the buyers are looking for finishes and always want something in the house that gives it a wow factor.

Home Automation

Home automation is true to be ranked as the home buyers' one of the most desirable features. It is not wrong to state that majority of the investors and buyers look for smart homes. Buyers look for a smart home with multiple features that can be voice activated and accurately integrated. For luxury home buyers, though, smart technology transcends voice-enabled devices to denote such features as smart security systems, and electric car docking stations.

Features to Support a Lifestyle

One of the best features that appear to be similar in every luxury home buyer's must-have list i.e. outdoor living space, which fosters a seamless indoor and outdoor living. Other features such as automation are also on the rise, seemingly elevated by well-off millennials. Few other desirable features include au pair suites that are in high demand by young rich nuclear families who want a guest suite with separate entrance for a visiting family member or for a live-in nanny to help care for the kids.

Flexibility in Functions

Moreover, flexible spaces that can seamlessly shift their purposes attract millennial buyers more, who may feel like working from home or run their own business. These multifunctional spaces are more in demand because young affluent buyers demand ease of living. Moreover, most of the modern, luxury properties can double serve the function such as dining room can be used as conference room, where you can have business meeting and have lunch as well.

Wellness Amenities

Besides traditional features such as spas and gyms that promote well-being but now the luxury home buyers want something more in form of amenities that emphasize holistic health. Buyers can think of other features as well such as energy efficiency, air flow and lighting quality as wellness considerations that affect the design and functionality of the house. Moreover, the green tag can also be another feature that can entice new luxury buyers, which is a part of the growing global trend of wellness.

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