Travel Guide: Are You Thinking to Travel to Pakistan


Travel Guide: Are You Thinking to Travel to Pakistan

Thanks to the first official British Royal couple's visit to Pakistan, the world is able to see the real and positive image of Pakistan (and not just what Bollywood movies depict) besides the strengthening bilateral relations of both countries. After resumption of British Airways' service, the royal visit to the country signifies a new, peace-loving, progressing and resolute Pakistan. Contrary to the news that international media breaks most of the times about Pakistan; it is one beautiful country with a lot of natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenery.

The country is emerging as a beautiful and attractive destination for tourists. Therefore, using this platform, I invite every savvy traveller to look at the brighter side of Pakistan such as it has beautiful topography, international educational institutes, international retail brands, food chains and numerous attractive tourist destinations ranges from deserts to sky high mountains and from springs to rivers.

People love to travel to Pakistan. This country always has a lot to offer to tourists and travellers - be it hiking in northern areas, driving through mountainous terrain, watching the historical glories in Lahore, or wandering through ancient bazaars of Peshawar and Quetta or the cosmopolitan streets of Karachi. Despite the headlines, world media draws from the not-so-good law and order situation of the country; tourists often plan to visit Pakistan. Anticipating an exotic travelling plan to Pakistan, I have decided to sum up few things that every traveller must keep in view while visiting this country.

When to Visit

Spring and winter (from October to March) are the best seasons to plan your tour to Pakistan. In April, temperatures start rising and may reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Most of the hotels have generator-powered backup to provide air-conditioning during load shedding. However, if you are planning to visit northern areas then you must visit Pakistan somewhere between April and October.

Commuting in Cities

Commuting within major cities is easier due to easy availability of different public transport means such as taxi, buses, and rickshaws. Government has also introduced metro bus services in Lahore and Islamabad as well, which can be a good experience. Public transport fares are nominal and you can use any of these modes. For premium road travelling, you can also pick the option to travel by air-conditioned buses.

Reaching Pakistan

Major air transport hubs in Pakistan are Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, which you can select depending upon your travelling plan. For instance, if you want to head towards north, you can choose Islamabad to touch down. If you have plans to visit pristine beach in Karachi or visit historical city Hyderabad, you must fly to Karachi. Besides PIA, several international airlines have regular flights to Pakistan from almost every country.

Keeping Money

Pakistani rupee is the national currency there. If you are travelling to interior and remote areas of Pakistan, you must have cash with you in small notes. Before travelling to these areas, get your larger notes changed from banks or money changers, otherwise, it will be difficult to get change. However, while travelling within major cities you need not to keep cash with you, as you can find ATMs in all major cities including northern areas. However, not all ATM machines accept international cards so make prior arrangement regarding cash

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