Tis the Time to Go Green - Megatrend of Construction Sector


Tis the Time to Go Green - Megatrend of Construction Sector

Despite the fact that economy was slow in the beginning of 2019 and property investors were also holding back their investment for the time being; the trend of constructing green buildings is increasing, especially in the leading cities of Pakistan. Anticipating the growing green buildings trend; consultants, engineers, contractors, builders and architects are viewing it as a long term business opportunity. Majority of the architects endorse this trend that now landlords seem to be concerned about green construction trends and the future benefits associated with it. The green building concept is growing rapidly and soon, it won't be limited to a particular geographic region or economic state, it will spread throughout the construction marketplace.

Future for Green Buildings

As per Pakistan real estate experts, the future of green buildings should not be limited to developed countries or particular project or building type only. They emphasize that the government must take some kind of initiative and introduce any regulation regarding green building growth, especially, if it intends to boost overseas buyers & investors’ interest in Pakistan real estate sector. The government and concerned officials should introduce new green commercial projects, green high-rise or low-rise residential projects or commence renovation work on few existing buildings to upgrade them to green projects.

Why Building Green?

Following are a few reasons, why you should build green?

  • Improved health benefits and environmental concerns are creating awareness among common people and driving contractors and architects towards green buildings more today as compared to a decade ago. One of our valued member of architect's section stated that it is notable that people are now aware of green movement, they talk to us about it before initiating any project and only after being completely satisfied, they opt building green.
  • Green building trend has hit the mainstream and in the future, it will inundate the entire Pakistan real estate industry. Growing focus on energy efficiency is playing key role in motivating people towards building green. Most of them are also willing to attain zero-net-energy on annual basis.
  • Seeing the growth of green building trend, the focus of developers is being switched from constructing new green buildings to greening the existing projects. It helps them saving additional construction or energy cost and enhancing the performance of buildings.
  • Solar power use in green buildings will grow in order to replace the dependency on conventional energy sources. Government will have to provide capital for solar systems to be installed on large rooftops on commercial buildings, parking plazas, large retail stores and later on homes.
  • The need to conserve water is no longer restricted to deserts alone. Reduced rainfall is a result of climate change that will affect the water supply system around the globe. General public is becoming aware of the (future) crisis in fresh water supply not just in remote areas but leading cities of Pakistan as well and they know that the issue will get intensify with time. Therefore, most of the property developers now talk about these concerns and look for solution, especially related to ways of water conservation, and how this is being done in green buildings.

Though building green is relatively a new construction concept in Pakistan real estate sector yet people have awareness regarding it and property developers are striving to "go green".

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