Tips to Upgrade Your Home on any Budget


Keeping things contemporary or having modern stuff in home is all about gathering what is new and trendy – blending styles while adding classics is a way to keep home fresh. Certainly it takes hell of money to upgrade your home every season and we all yearn to bring that sense of style to our homes but most of the time, budget does not allow.

Here are few ways to add the modern flair to homes on any budget.

Keep it Neutral

Instead of making walls brightly coloured, keeping a simple and same colour palette is the easiest way to create a contemporary room. Remember, neutral colours help make small rooms appear larger. Do not go for bright colours – add variations in tone within the same room. To create a visual appeal, you can add different items in the room, keeping the colour tone in view.


Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper is considered an essential item in most of the contemporary homes. It surely is the best way to bridge the gap between traditional and modern homes. Nowadays, people go for signature walls using a large scale graphic print wallpaper as it is an inexpensive yet elegant way to upgrade your home. Moreover, they are easy to remove, so whenever you are tired of the print – just remove it from your wall.


Upgrade Light Fixtures

Upgrading lighting fixtures is a simple yet effective way to add instant contemporary style in your home. For instance, hanging light fixtures look contemporary, sleek and altogether expensive. If you have such fixtures in home, where you can hang lights, installation will done in a snap and you can do it yourself as well. Otherwise, call an electrician to do it on your behalf.


Add a Big Rug

As winters are approaching, the idea of adding rug to your drawing room or sitting room is great. And these rugs are also back in style. Add coziness and warmth to your room and upgrade it as well by laying a rug there. I would suggest you to go for geometric pattern and neutral colours to keep things neat and fresh. Do not go for electric blue or mustard yellow colour, otherwise, you will have to upgrade your furniture as well. Check a budget friendly rug and buy it for your home.


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