Tips to Travel Safely in Pakistan during the Pandemic


Tips to Travel Safely in Pakistan during the Pandemic With almost all countries lifting the travelling ban that was earlier imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic, a number of people must be planning to travel to their favourite destinations around the world. Despite having an awe-inspiring terrain, Pakistan is termed as one of the most underrated travel destinations for a myriad of reasons. However, the fact is that Pakistan has a lot to offer; be it snow-clad mountain peaks in Gilgit-Baltistan or green meadows spread from Islamabad to Kaghan Valley, beaches in Karachi or gardens in Lahore, deserts in Bahawalpur or green rolling hills in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In short, there is no shortage of mesmerizing and picturesque locations in Pakistan but all it needs is world’s attention and tourists’ determination to visit the unexplored gems. If you are planning your next excursion in Pakistan, there are few things that you must consider to avoid catching and transmitting Covid-19.

Read travel guidelines

Whether you are travelling within Pakistan or planning a tour from outside Pakistan, you must stay up to date about the country’s local restrictions in order to know any potential change before time. There is smart lockdown in several cities across Pakistan so make sure you know what your destination demands from the travellers. Some cities may restrict your plan to a particular place or ask you to quarantine for certain time period before the arrival of Covid-19 diagnosis report. Therefore, it is recommended to plan your itinerary according to local restrictions and be flexible with your destination selection.

Figure out your transportation mode in advance

You must have narrowed down your travelling plan to few destinations and once it is done, it is equally important to figure out your transportation mode in advance. Plan a trip that is direct and does not involve a lot of transportation modes. From planes, to hotel buses, and from train to different local transportation options – try not to change transportation mode. For instance, if flight is unavoidable in your case, you can book a private car for your entire trip and this is all recommended for your safety. The most recommended transportation mode is car, where you will have controlled environment.

And most important of all, do not forget to wear your face mask all the time and keep face shield on too when there will be contact with other people. And last but not least important point is carrying a hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands clean all the time.

Choose a hotel with strict protocol

When you are travelling, you cannot carry your home along and forget the old accommodation modes that you may or may not have experienced. In new era, where corona virus is all around, you should be more cautious about your health. Travellers are advised to choose a hotel that follows strict health protocol. Your safety must be guaranteed during your stay as it is already mentioned that there is nothing more relieving than knowing your safety is their priority. During your stay, try to avoid using communal lounges in order to reduce the chances of Covid-19 spread. However, if it is essential to visit or sit in any such area, make sure that everyone around is wearing face mask and following the safety protocol.

Go out of hotel

When you have packed your bags and came this far, you must enjoy your trip thoroughly. All outdoor places where there are less people and air is moving, the risk of transmission is relatively low. If you are in Karachi or Gwadar – walk along the beach, if you are anywhere in Northern areas – plan a long hike in the mountains, and if you are in Lahore – spend a day in park or have dinner at rooftop restaurant; as these all are low-risk activities. Besides that you will see abundance of natural greenery in Pakistan and you will feel energized after finishing the day long excursion.

Transmissions mostly occur indoors where there is crowd so avoid having lunch or dinner inside any restaurant – instead choose an open space or eat inside your car. Being outdoor is always better than cramming inside.

Keep the essentials in your backpack

Whether you are a domestic traveller or visiting Pakistan from Barcelona, there is no excuse leaving your place without this era’s essentials including face masks, hand sanitizer, hand wash, wet wipes, gloves, disinfectant spray and face shield. Make sure you are wearing at least triple layer face mask during travelling and keep washing your hands throughout the day. In case, basins are not available in close proximity, use hand sanitizer to keep you protected. You must choose one of the doctors’ recommended hand sanitizers in order to be more effective.

Do not forget to clean your belongings (cell phone, wallet, backpack and watch) right after reaching your hotel room with antibacterial wipes. You will be mentally relieved after taking all these measures.

It is high time to support tourism (if the government allows) and it is equally important to prove yourself a responsible global citizen who take care of environment everywhere. Though vaccination drive is rolled out across the globe and it will make the travelling somewhat easier – but do not forget to be a thoughtful tourist. This is all for now but if you want to know more about travelling destinations of Pakistan, visit our blog page and stay updated about Pakistan real estate and market happenings by visiting our Facebook Page.

We value your feedback, so take out time and let us know what you think or what you want to know more.

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