Tips for Caring your House Windows


Tips for Caring your House Windows

Are you living in a glass house? Do you own a house that has tall windows' exterior? The windows' front of a house seems visually interesting but let me tell you that they can be a major pain to keep clean. Despite being a major pain to clean, glass windows are essential part of modern home. It means you need to be very careful about the cleanliness of windows and the upkeep of your home. Let's discuss few tips through my life in order to keep the windows of my home spick-and-span.

Never Use the Hose

Yes, it is true that you should not directly use the hose on windows even though it seems a quick fix to get rid of dirt and grime. At a first glance, it looks the best option but an expert window cleaner stated that hose water is just making it worse instead of cleaning. Hose water is usually hard, comes with pressure and mineral deposits can be absorbed on the porous surface of the glass. Caring for windows means to fill a bucket with tap water, dipping the cloth and cleaning the window - making sure to dry the glass before finishing.

Automatic Sprinklers

People who have an impressively big lawn tend to install water sprinklers for watering purpose because they are super convenient. However, the drawback is that they throw the splashes on nearby windows too. Having a sprinkler system that splashes up against the glass windows regularly means wave after wave of water, the scale will get accumulated over time. Remember, lime-scale and hard water sales are hard to get off of the glass, so it is best to either completely avoid the sprinklers or they are pointed away from the windows.

Inspect the Windows Annually

Living in a home that has glass exterior looks super stunning but trust me, it is not always the most exciting feature and also scores low on energy efficiency. Still if you opt for it, caring and proper maintaining of windows can make your home more energy efficient and help keep a tab on energy bills. Seals around windows can be worn out with time, letting out precious heat in the winter and letting it in during the summer months. Therefore, it is important to call a pro on seasonal or annual basis to inspect the windows' health to make sure the seals are there. If they are worn out, it is easy to fix them. A tube of caulk can serve the purpose and keep your house comfortable year long.

Call in the Pros

Cleaning windows on regular basis is good for maintaining the shine but your glass needs more. Homes that feature a large number of glass windows will accumulate build-up from weather, dust and water. Sometimes, you can't even see how dirty the glass is until the sun shines through. In this situation, especially after rainy season, it's best to call in pros for professional window cleaning solutions. The experts will use high-strength window cleaner to clear the grime and dirt and to shine up the windows.

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