Time for Talk is Over – Let' s Vote for Development



The general elections are scheduled to be held tomorrow on Wednesday July 25, 2018. And voting is the right and sure way of participating in the process of nation building and creating a better tomorrow for any country. Voting is extremely important as every single vote counts. A number of political parties are contesting the general elections of 2018 and people are supporting the candidates who belong to their favourite party. Last night, all the political parties have finally ended their campaign trail across the country urging voters to vote for them in the forthcoming elections. Every party has made their manifesto public to let people understand their vision. In the past, we have seen it a number of times that political parties barely act on their manifesto after elections. On the contrary, the parties rely on the influencing electable candidates to win the elections. However, 2018 election is the right time to change the mindset and take a break from this pattern. Let' s understand the value of our vote and consider its importance to bring the change in system. Let' s start thinking! Let' s vote for development! Let' s vote for good leadership! Let' s vote for bright future! Every vote counts and can make a significant difference to the fate of this country. It is also claimed in the latest research conducted by the Punjab University Institute of Applied Psychology that majority of people does not give importance to the gender of the candidate, their caste or ethnicity. They want to vote those candidates who have sound educational background, display humanity and have vision for development. No matter which political party wins the election and makes the government, team HomesPakistan wishes a bright and prosperous future to Pakistan. May the best person become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan, who can lead this country towards a successful future and make it a better country for our generations to come.

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