Three Tiny Vacation Homes around the World


Three Tiny Vacation Homes around the World

The idea of living in a tiny home does not appeal many of us for everyday life but spending few days away from the buzzing city life in a hut or a tiny house in a beautiful setting could be just our dream. Compared to the grandeur and full-scale options of luxury vacation homes or traditional hotels, tiny vacation homes are easier to keep up and can make an exciting getaway a bit more adventurous and a whole lot different.

These tiny vacation homes are short on square footage but big on charm, because they often make up for environmental conservation and require little heat and electricity. Whether you want to spend your next vacation in a tiny home for fun or want some design inspiration to build one for you, the following post unveils three houses across the globe to consider

Retreat in Woods, Washington

A remodelled cabin, which is located away from the buzzing city, is a warm and cozy in winter and offers a perfect escape from summer heat to unwind in the serene nature. The rustic cabin is updated and equipped with all the modern facilities so you can consider spending few days there with the family or alone, if you have plans to work on some serious stuff. With exposed brick walls, wood planking on the walls, false ceiling and hardwood floors, this tiny cabin is nothing else but classic.

Tiny Living in City, Manchester

The charming craftsman home is just steps away from buzzing commercial area, educational institutes and restaurants. The open-concept floor let you take full advantage of the entire space - place a rocking chair on the front porch to read your favourite book or let your kids enjoy the swing there. The home has hardwood floor, a fully updated kitchen and a cozy living room. For added convenience, the bedroom has a walk-in closet with extra storage - making it a perfect place for vacation with your family.

Savi Hut, near Islamabad

Mabali is one of the best destinations near Islamabad on Khanpur Lake that feature small huts - making it an ideal spot for an adventurous family vacation, group holidays and romantic getaway. If you need an escape from your bustling daily life, you must plan your next vacation there – where you can find glimpses of ducks paddling on the lake and rabbits playing in the lawn. Inside the small vintage style hut, you will have comfy bed, designer furnishings, beautiful furniture and fully equipped bathroom.

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