Things to Do before Calling a Real Estate Agent


Things to Do before Calling a Real Estate Agent

Ideally, if you are planning to sell your home or renting it out and planning to call an agent, you should have the necessary financial considerations covered and be ready to show your home within weeks. This takes time and depending upon the condition of your home and seeing your finances, it can take a lot of time. First impressions matter a lot in real estate transaction, so do not try making a weak or wrong entrance to the market.

If you are planning to call a real estate agent for your query, you need to cover the following steps.

Get pre-approved mortgage

If you are planning to buy a property then before you contract a real estate agent, your first step should be to know what mortgage options are available to you. Many factors affect the mortgage amount and the interest rate and any of these factors can determine the home you can afford. Also understand that being pre-qualified for a mortgage is not the same as being pre-approved.

Study the market

The pre-approved mortgage will dictate the price range of homes you should research. However, if you are also selling, you will need to know the market for homes similar to yours in the selected area. You must understand that while you can research rental homes on online portals, you will get to know the asking prices. A real estate agent can tell you how long homes have been on the market, and whether prices have been reduced previously or not and closing prices. While it's important to research the property market, don't fall in love with any property without seeing the property tag.


Do you know it is equally important to impress your real estate agent along with potential customers? Staging your home for customers, before a visit from an agent will help the agent to see the full potential of your home so that he can better market the property.

  • Pack extra pairs of shoes and clothes. Having these out in the open suggests a lack of storage space.
  • Remove any personal effects. People want to imagine themselves in that space and a personalized wall of your family pictures may shatter the daydreams of prospective buyers.
  • Clear off your fridge. A clutter of alphabet magnets and postcards can ruin the perception of an organized home.
  • Arrange the furniture and move out extra furniture out of home. The more open spaces your home has, the larger it appears to be.

Replace or repair

Many homeowners become accustomed to retrofit repairs and dated or deteriorating features. For example, make sure to patch and paint the walls. Re-painting in neutral colours will help people imagine themselves in your space and an unblemished wall will reinforce your care for the home. Also evaluate your curb appeal. Make your lawn mowed. The front of your home is the true first impression for most house hunters, so make sure your exterior is top-notch.

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