The Visual Tricks Home Stagers Play


The Visual Tricks Home Stagers Play

In today' s ultra-competitive real estate market, it is true that potential buyers mostly make up their mind within seconds of stepping inside the home. This is why, most of the sellers prefer to hire services of professional home stagers – to add instant appeal to their home. What is the secret behind it? A wide array of optical illusions and psychological tricks that draws buyers’ eyes to all the right places. It is not wrong to state that home stagers make us fools and in this post, we will reveal some of their tricks.

They never leave a room vacant

Besides making a home look attractive, any home seller wants to make his small space look bigger. And to get that look, you may think of emptying the space and remove all the furniture but home stagers think differently as emptiness can make rooms look smaller. Professional home stagers manipulate your visual perception of a room using the right kind of furniture. Staging home with right furniture helps potential buyers establishing the home' s actual size and helps them visualizing how they can arrange their own furniture.

They think of furniture placement

Home stagers thoroughly scan the room to decide where to place which kind of furniture. For instance, placing a large piece of furniture on either side of an entryway or near door makes a room look small, while placing such pieces farther back in the room near walls make rooms appear bigger and larger.

The highlight focal points

Walk into any well-staged home and you will see, they have paid great importance to the accessories placed near a room' s best attributes. For instance, they usually place a group of (mostly three) vases near a fireplace or a large plant near a window with a view. Moreover, they also position furniture at an angle to facilitate better movement.

They don’t overdo with rugs

Open floor spaces make rooms look larger, which is why most of the home stagers recommend removing excess of rugs, bed skirts and the items off the floor of closets. Instead of rugs, use furniture with long legs to enhance the effect.

They create cosy places

After a tiring day, family members want to socialize in a home' s common areas without moving chairs. Therefore, placing furniture in conversational groups makes rooms appear larger. In large rooms, consider creating two separate chat areas and separate them with different rugs to create illusion of bigger space.

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