The Valuable Home Features that are Waste of Money


The Valuable Home Features that are Waste of Money

Few aspects that determine the house worth are out of your control such as its location and its demand in the market. You can keep up with repairs and smart improvements to increase home value. However, keep it in mind that no one wants to overpay for a home purchase and want to make every home-buying penny count, you should spend money wisely, if you are thinking to add value to your home with the renovations.

Following is the list of things that you should add only if you really want them, otherwise, it could end up costing you more than you can make back.

A Luxury Kitchen

A brand new luxury kitchen is one of the most expensive investments that you will ever make in your home. Kitchen is a heart of the home so it can be tempting to splurge on a high-end design and installing latest appliances. What if I say the resources that majority of serious buyers used to determine the value of your home is the neighbourhood. If you improve your home too much as per your area's standards, you may over-price your home. Installation of expensive appliances or luxury renovation that does not make any sense according to your neighbourhood won't match up the price with the neighbouring homes in the same locality.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is one of the best things to enjoy at your friend's house but having your own can be nothing more than a hassle. Moreover, it comes with a hefty price tag both in short and long run. Besides construction, a pool can cost a lot to maintain, not to mention additional features. However, one of the biggest misconceptions is that by adding a pool your home value will increase. Before adding a swimming pool in your home, make sure you are doing it for your leisure, not for resale point of view. It may put off serious buyers and you will hardly get to recover the cost of swimming pool, while selling your home.

Having a Sun Room

A sun room is an amazing spot in the home, where you can curl up with a book and soak the sun. It seems a beautiful addition that comes with a hefty investment and if you are planning to add it on, you must proceed with caution. A sun room can take away your yard space or terrace or roof, which may be a negative thing for some buyers. If serious buyers do not seem interested in buying a home with additional sun room, then it may become hard for you to make half the money back you have earlier spent, when it comes to selling your home.

Extensive Landscaping

A neat and clean lawn is a plus for potential buyers, but if it looks something that needs excessive work to upkeep, it may put them off. A beautifully landscaped and fully manicured lawn is pretty to look at but don't expect it to bring a lot back your way. If you are paying for extensive landscaping do it for your pleasure, don't expect buyers to pay for it.

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