The Must-Have Amenities of Luxury Apartment Projects


The Must-Have Amenities of Luxury Apartment Projects

With the reviving economy and a number of apartment projects being developed across Pakistan, there has been a huge surge in demand for high-end and luxury apartments. Moreover, it is observed that people are not just looking to dwell in large homes spread over kanals but they prefer premium features of the residences that set them apart from the conventional homes such as prime location, exceptional facilities, premium interior design options, high quality furnishes and exceptional amenities.

Once you have decided to invest your stakes in apartment projects, you must know about the top facilities that a luxury apartment project must have.


Gone are the days when apartments posed to be small and cramped. The main feature of an apartment is a well-spread out living space and ample storage space. From compact studio to spacious 2 bedroom apartment and from luxury 3 bedroom to ultra-spacious 4 and 5 bedroom apartment, apartment developments offer numerous choices for your dream home. More space also means that everyone in the family will get to enjoy his/her own personal space to enjoy. Owing to large space, you can also host get togethers for your friends and family members.

Open Green Space

Space matters the most, not just inside the apartment but outside the apartment as well. Green space is a kind of amenity that people look for, living in a concrete jungle. There must be a beautifully landscaped area, wide enough to accommodate a large number of people offering comfortable seating with a jogging track that can help residents feel relaxed after a busy day. There must be a small park and a kids’ play area too, so that there will be something for everyone.

Security & Surveillance

Nowadays, security is an uncompromising feature, especially if they pick a high-end apartment project. Security is the top-most important feature in selecting an apartment project and it is observed that most of the upscale apartment projects offer 24/7 security and surveillance through CCTV cameras, automated entry systems and checkpoints at every entry and exit point. These features tend to safeguard the residents without compromising on their privacy. The fool proof surveillance system allows the security personnel to keep an eye on any suspicious activity around the complex. It can be said that cutting-edge security feature is one of the prominent features that make any apartment development more desirable.

Modern Amenities & Facilities

Who prefers living in a high-end apartment complex that offers luxury residences but lack in modern amenities and facilities? Certainly, people would not approve any such project. High-end apartment projects must distinguish themselves from the rest by offering all the top-notch facilities and amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. People living in such developments must have access to swimming pools, gymnasium, designated car parking, spa and sauna. The list does not end here but it must include 24/7 electricity backup, spacious communal space, multi-purpose rooms, open-air dining and barbecue areas, cafes, and a cinema within building.

These are the ultimate must-haves for high-end apartment projects that do not just make them more desirable, higher in demand but also distinguish them from the rest

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