Should We Expect a Thriving Realty Sector after Election 2018?



General Elections took place in Pakistan hardly a week ago and the new government is in final process of formulation. However, the positive after affects have started been surfacing such as the downward flight of US dollar against Pakistani rupee, the soaring stock exchange indexes, pleasant welcoming messages from the neighbouring countries and a new thrust of public belief for strengthening the system. These and several other pointers give us hope that soon Pakistan will set off in the right direction.

However, we are usually concerned about the affects of general elections on Pakistan real estate sector. And let me inform you about the general speculation that realty sector will also get boost right like all other development sectors.

Property Demand is Soaring

Now when it is clear that who will take the command to govern the country, people have also become obvious in their investment goals. Hopes are high and everyone is seeing a bright and prosperous future of Pakistan. Within a week, we have noticed a sudden increase in the number of queries received on our property portal regarding viable real estate investment options in all major cities of Pakistan.

Instead of parking their investment in neighbouring countries, savvy investors seem to invest in their own country – as we are expecting positive reforms for the positive growth of realty sector of Pakistan. This is the immediate impact but with time, the situation will get clearer, which will help create pro-investment environment for local and overseas investors alike.

Surge in Overseas Investors’ Interest

Usually overseas Pakistanis remain more concerned about the political situation of the country than the ones residing here. It is not wrong if we mention here that majority of the queries, we received at HomesPakistan portal, are from overseas Pakistanis. They are eager to invest in Pakistan and therefore, looking to grab a viable investment opportunity before the prices touch the peak. Seeing the transparent situation, they are ready to bring their investment back to the country for economic growth.

Safe Haven for Investment

We expect government to introduce some kinds of reforms in realty sector of Pakistan to fix what has gone wrong in the past. It is observed that key reforms for Pakistan real estate sector hit a snag right before the implementation. We are also optimistic that developers and investors both will be given chance to thrive while proving them safe environment, which require some massive changes. We have already witnessed a surge in interest among people for bringing their investment in Pakistan so, we hope that government will take steps to make the sector and country grow.

These are few things that we have observed right after the general elections 2018 and are positive in every aspect. Let' s hope for the best and wish prosperous time for Pakistan in the upcoming time when the government will be formed and takes control in the centre.

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