Shopping Malls – One Stop Solution



Lahore in its recent years has seen a great revolution in the shopping experience. The emergence of a number of malls has given the eat, dine and play trend a huge buzz. People want to have shopping experience, eat out and play area or movie theatres under one roof. At present, Lahore is experiencing some masterpieces designed by the Best architects in Lahore and constructed by the best construction companies. The immensely decorated and formulated interiors are by highly experienced interior designers.

The first shopping mall in the world evolved in 1922 in Missouri, America. Later this spread in the rest of US and other countries. The trend of shopping in a mall became more popular as it is a convenient option. The city of Lahore has very less entertainment options for its residents. Also with the increase in traffic rush, people prefer to go to a mall and find all brands under one roof than going from one shop to another.

It saves time and fuel. The huge parking areas constructed are safe to park the cars for hours. Also a mall has something for every age group making it a favorite place for the whole family.

All the malls in Lahore are a great piece of work by the Architects in Lahore. They have modern building designs with unique interiors and exteriors. The interiors give an open feeling and the moving area is well decorated. The building materials are fine with great color schemes. Beautifully designed ceilings give the malls a very attractive look. Thematic entrance areas give malls an inviting look and the interior is divided into zones. Indoor plants are used to give a fresh feel even in crowded moments.

Lighting systems are architecturally designed and give a feel of wideness and expansion. Excellent sound insulation is provided to absorb the sounds of hundreds of people talking and walking on the floor at a time. Escalators are available for easy commute from one floor to other. Fire extinguishers and fire escapes are designed in case of emergencies. CCTV and security system are installed and modern gadgets help in the entrance and exit points and ensure the safety of all visiting.

All-in-all he mall trend is here to stay. They are inviting with a relaxing atmosphere. The malls are a one-stop-solution for all.

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