Remodelling Ideas that You Must Consider For Bathroom Renovation


Remodelling Ideas that You Must Consider For Bathroom Renovation

A striking and chic bathroom adds value to your home (in terms of price), updates its style and makes it a beautiful addition to the abode. In order to make it better adapted to your current needs, you need to improve it with time. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, consider making few of the changes to improve its functionality using high quality bathroom accessories, storage and comfort level.

Have a Window in the Bath

What if we say the biggest problem of majority of bathrooms is the humidity trapped inside the space due to bad or insufficient ventilation? Having premier bathroom accessoriesthat includes a good quality exhaust fan can make huge difference. Still, the best form of ventilations is natural ventilation. For that, you need to add a reasonably sized window in bathroom shower that can keep your bathroom clean, naturally lit and keep it free from mold and mildew accumulation. After using the bath, you can leave the bathroom window open. Discuss the appropriate type of window with your architect before installing any in the bath.

Textured Tiles on the Shower Floor

You will have countless floor and tile options to choose from for your bathroom. For safety purpose, the most important one will be the floor tiles of your bathroom shower. Experts suggest choosing small and textured tiles for showers in order to avoid slipping once the floor gets wet. Meanwhile, the bathroom tiles should be easy to clean to avoid mold and mildew pile up and stains. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can give you multiple style and decor options.

Install a Tub only if You Take Bath

Many people add a tub to their bathrooms just because they feel they should. However, a bathtub is not always a necessity, especially if you do not or are not fond of taking bath in the tub. The same goes for Jacuzzi. Majority of the homeowners get a tub and few other bathroom accessoriesjust because luxury bathrooms with all these facilities offer great appeal to the prospective buyers than the one without them. If you are going to stay in the same house for the next few years, you must renovate it as per your needs. If you love taking baths in bath tub, you must add one in your remodelling plan but if you rarely use it, you must skip it and add a bigger shower instead.

Improve the Lighting

If your bathroom tends to have little access to natural light, you are in dire need for excellent artificial lighting. As you plan to renovate your bathroom, consider upgrading or adding to your current lighting to improve the functionality and aura of the space. If you are adding several types of lights to make the space bright and shiny, make sure to add dimmer too. Remember, if you light the bathroom properly, you will find the place more pleasant and attractive. If you want to read more about how different ideas to upgrade your bathroom, keep visiting our blog and you will find more inspiration.

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