Questions to Ask before Your Next Renovation Project


Questions to Ask before Your Next Renovation Project

Starting a new renovation project can be overwhelming because it is not just about the random addition of new things but one have to make points of several other things. For instance, where to start from and how long will it take to finish the project when it comes to articulate a vision for your end product. With all these things in mind, we have enumerated a list of questions to ask before beginning any new renovation project. You can use this list to create a framework for your renovation.

What are your renovation goals?

Before you can start remodelling, you must have a clear objective and vision in your mind as what you would want your end result to look like. You can develop that vision through sketching and by addressing your pain points in your space. For instance, you want to swap your wash basin with vanity in the bathroom to add more storage space underneath or you like the idea of open kitchen with more counter space or to have built-in cabinets to hold and manage all your groceries and kitchen belongings.

How much can you afford to spend?

After finalizing the design concept, the next thing you have to think about is budget. Does your budget allow hiring an architect for designing or construction purpose or you will it all on your own? Whether you want to hire a professional or want to do it alone, make sure to have your absolute maximum. After that, you should stick to a budget - specificity is the best tool. The more elaborated meeting you will have with the contractor about your end product outlook, the closer he can give you the estimate of final bill.

What is your personal style?

The next thing to determine is where your personal taste lies when it comes to an interior design style. This will help you start to decide what you would like your final product to look like as well as the quality of products you may want to use to bring your look alive. Narrowing down decisions like these is the key to getting your project off the ground.

What is your colour preference?

The image of your dream place remains incomplete without deciding the colour preference. Therefore, it is important to let the designer know about your colour preference as soon as you discuss about the theme. Do you prefer bold and bright tones, or are you more comfortable with warm yet subtle tones? Do you want to experiment with a number of colours or want to go with the single theme? Colours affect everyone's mood so you must know in advance that how your chosen colour will affect you.

What are your storage requirements?

Decisions about storage will arise from other questions you have to ask yourself. For instance, how much stuff on average do you already have? How much stuff you are planning to buy? And what are your seasonal storage requirements? Storage requirements must be sorted out at the start of any renovation project, since it will be difficult to cope up with it at the end of project.

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