Questions that Your Agent Does Not Answer


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When you go out to see a home and plan to purchase it too, you must want to know each and every detail of the property such as how old the construction is, what kind of material is used in construction or whether the home is insulated or not? Your trustworthy real estate agent may have all the information you want to know about the property you are planning to buy. However, if you ask your agent certain questions, you might get puzzled to hear nothing but an awkward silence. Did you ever think why?

It' s not like that real estate agents do not know the answer, mostly they know but they hesitate and prohibit answering to avoid any discrimination. Following are few questions that may leave them feeling tongue-tied and how you should find the answers.

Q:1 Is it a good society to raise a family?

It is not wrong to say that it is one of the most asked questions to the realtors. No matter, what kind of area it is – be it good or bad for families, the agents cannot answer to this question. For instance, if an agent admits that a certain area is not family-friendly, it gives impression that families with kids are not welcome there. On the contrary, if an agent says that a specific neighbourhood is a good place for kids, it shows that people without kids should not come to that place, which is also discrimination.

Experts suggest all the new home buyers not to ask any such question to the agents. Do your own research, if you want to know more about it.

Q:2 How are the facilities here?

When it comes to general facilities, real estate agents will tell you about specific things but they will also hide certain facts. For instance, the agents may tell you about nearby hospitals, schools and transportation facilities but they will not give you any idea about quality of these facilities. When you will ask your agent about it, he will be careful not to let his answer to be constructed as a coded message about quality. Rather than putting yourself in a vague situation, if you want a specific school' s branch for your child, you must find home around that school.

Q:3 Is this area safe?

Let' s say that there used to be violence in a nearby area that is getting better – you might appreciate the fact that you get to know it but you may not know that any such comment can be constructed as racist or classist by pushing you towards or pulling you away from a particular neighbourhood. This is the reason that most of the experienced real estate agents prefer not to answer any such question. If you want to enquire any such thing about any particular area, you must do it yourself such as ask from a police official to highlight you all the areas or blocks, which are sketchier than others.

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