Questions First Time Buyers Must Ask the Agents


Questions First Time Buyers Must Ask the Agents

We often hear that first-time buyers get overwhelmed when it comes to buying a house. It is true because they do not just get confused being the new one in the market but also usually do not know what to ask or may be too embarrassed to ask the agents.

There are a number of questions that you must ask your agents to make a well-informed decision. We have compiled a list of questions that buyers usually want to ask but they usually do not. Let’s have a look at the list:

Why are the owners selling the house?

What makes people think that real estate is the best investment option? It is because the idea of earning money and building equity without doing much work excites everyone. Moreover, instead of investing in plots for sale in Lahore, if you invest in a home or a commercial property, you can start earning cash flow from it on immediate basis, without having to do anything and just renting the property ahead.

The information will help you when it comes to making an offer. It will help you understand whether the seller has real plans to move out of this property or they have put the property on the market to see what kind of response it gets from people. If they are really planning to sell the property soon, you can take the opportunity to offer a lower price.

How long the property has been on the market?

The time it takes to sell a property varies depending upon several factors such as the property type, market situation and the condition of the property. However, the time factor should not put you off as a genuine buyer. It takes few weeks after a home is advertised on portals and get sold. Therefore, if you find a home on the portal being there for more than 6 months, you can negotiate on the price, seeing the room how much they can reduce?

Get the structural survey done

It is recommended that you have a full structural survey on a property you would like to buy but you can ask some questions before as well. You can ask for house viewing especially, if the house has been extended and check the structural flaws, if there are any. It's also worth asking if there's any potential to extend the property.

Does the local area have any issues to be aware of?

Investigating the location thoroughly I important. Do your research. Drive to the house during rush hour and ask neighbors what they think of the area. It will help you get the idea of traffic condition during the peak hours. Also if you're new to the area and will be commuting by train or bus, try and visit the area both during the day and also at night.

Who are the neighbors?

Yes, this is an important question. And how much this answer affects your decision will vary from buyer to buyer. Noisy neighbors who party all night long could be a massive turn off for some people. But for others, it might not be such a big deal. On the contrary, friendly neighbors make up for any flaw, if a property has.

What’s the parking situation?

If the property does not come with a garage or parking lot, you must find out where you can park the vehicles. Do not be afraid to share your concern and seek answer of your parking question. It will help you save from upcoming hassle.

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