Punjab Achieves another Milestone by Digitising Land Records



Pakistan used to have an ancient system of maintaining the land records i.e. file system but the piles of old paper files and the advent of computers led to several problems altogether along with some malpractices. However, the Government of Punjab took a revolutionary step to start computerizing the land record in a system named Land Record Management Information System.

The system is said to help a lot in upgrading the land recording system and also help a lot in ending the old recording system which involves Patwari culture – who used to have control over the land record. Computerization of land record will also help ending malpractice and fraudulent activities of most of these Patwaris and eventually end the corrupt system.

To fully digitise the Land Record System, Punjab Chief Minister has now inaugurated state of the art central data centre of Rural Land Computeriaztion System and Punjab Land Record Authority at Arfa Karim Software Technology Park. Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the chief minister said that Punjab government has crossed another milestone by launching modern system of Land Record Information System. Matters of ownership deed and mutation of land have become free of corruption and family disputes regarding land have been eliminated.

It is also learnt that the Land Record Management Information System has been activated in all tehsils of the province and through this system, record of rural land of 5.5 crore people has been saved in data centres through computerisation. The CM claims that no patwari or official can now tamper the record. Moreover, an autonomous Punjab Land Record Authority has also been established to fully implement this project.

The development work of this project does not end here with the data base uploading but the Punjab Land Record Authority staff has been directed to start working on electronic maps and computerisation of urban property at the earliest in order to complete this system in every respect.

Main features of Land Record Management Information System (LRMIS) are:
  • Issuance of Fard (Land Record File) within 30 minutes
  • Transfer of ownership within 50 minutes
  • Assurance of owners’ safety who claiming ownership through the Biometric Data Record
  • Trained Staff
  • Special Facilities for Old Age Citizens and Women
  • Building of Land Record Service Centre in 40 Tehsils

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