Pointers to Consider before Buying Your Home


Pointers to Consider before Buying Your Home

Buying a home is a big financial and lifestyle decision that one can ever make during his life. The entire process is exciting and nerve-wrecking and needs complete planning and research so emotions should not take control of your intellect. Rising property prices in Pakistan and land scarcity changing our ideas about what a typical family home should be. A home stretched over acres might be a dream for us as most of us are residing in smaller homes in bigger cities. However, it does not matter how big or small the home is that you intend to purchase but a good family home is where the heart is. Following are few pointers that will help you make a well-informed investment decision.


It is not wrong to denote it as the biggest factor in determining the type of home, you will have. You may fancy having a 4 kanal home in DHA Lahore but your financial position will decide whether you can purchase it or not. I would never suggest you to drool over an option, you cannot afford buying and do not jump into debt as well. As property prices in Pakistan continue to rise, bigger homes are becoming unaffordable for more people.

Location is Important

You might be dreaming of a big, lavish home for your family and it may also be affordable for you but before making its down payment, give a second thought to its location. No matter if a home is small or large but it must have a good location. A good location means proximity to commercial services, easy access to public transportation, easy commuting to schools, college and office and easy access to other communal facilities. These factors will not just make your family life convenient but will also increase your property value with time

Access to Schools

If you do not have school-going kids right now, this attribute might not be that much appealing to you. However, I suggest that you must keep it in view because when you will plan to sell your home, you will learn its importance at that time. People prefer buying homes closer to good schools and this single factor can dramatically boost the value of your property.

According to the Chairman Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development and Management Company, a number of local and international investors have come forward to set up industries in this zone. Six Chinese companies have already acquired land in AIIC. As soon as, the zone gets access to electricity, the development will take a faster pace.

A Safe Locality

Recently, it has been observed that more and more people now prefer buying home in gated societies because our families enjoy walking in the streets with their kids without feeling unsafe. Given that majority is areas in leading cities such as Lahore and Islamabad have low crime rates, families still prefer areas that are popular for offering good communal life. Communities having abundance of parks, play grounds and entertainment spots are high in demand as people like to confide in safe and secure residential communities and spend enjoyable family life.

In my viewpoint, these pointers are essential to consider before buying a home for your family. You should share your views in regards to what makes a home perfect for your family by using our comments section

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