Planning to set up Nursery for Your Little Princess? Take Ideas from us


Planning to set up Nursery for Your Little Princess? Take Ideas from us

When a baby comes into your life, everything changes its meaning. And if it is a girl, life becomes colourful. Parents suddenly become conscious about everything but when it comes to decorating the little one's room, they usually ignore the style factor. Remember, baby nursery is a great place to get super creative - you can experiment anything as possibilities are surprisingly endless.

You can also take inspiration from the following post and come up with interior design creativity for your princess nursery.

Pink & Gold Princess Pad

There is no mistaking that pink is all about girls and it gives you multiple options to play with other colours and be super creative for your little lady room. Mixing pink with gold can give beyond dazzling look to the nursery. Gold is a neutral shade and considered traditional as well so incorporating the trendy pink with traditional soft gold is something that gives flawless results. Moreover, adding silk crib bedding, a unique vanity and an ornate mirror make it one of its own kinds of nursery.

Matt Chic Antique Nursery

Antique silver furniture, plum crushed velvet and ivory damask are blended together to create a calm and serene nursery for a little lady. The designer has added a tinge of dusty gold in form of cabinet and lilac flowers on back wall and a frame on side wall. Just look at the walls, all are matt and furniture is glossy.

Neutral Nursery

If you or your spouse is not in favour of any specific colour for your little daughter, neutral nursery should definitely be your thing. Neutral nursery will excite you for sure. Play with sleepy mint and shades of grey to make this space tranquil in true sense. This sheep rocker is an amazing rocker - isn't it so? .

Pink & White Nursery

It is relatively a modern and practical form of nursery, where you can find all white furniture with white marble floor make bright pink accents stand out in this space. Meanwhile, the patterned floral rug offers a colourful texture piece.

These are few of our ideas, we would love to see your baby girl's nursery. If you are going to design one soon, you can take inspiration from our ideas. For more ideas, you can talk to us in the comments below.

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