Plain or Printed Curtains – The Ultimate Styling Guide


plain or printed curtains

No one likes monotony and uniformity; especially when it comes to home interior. And to break this monotony, we intend to keep changing the interior from time to time. Window treatment plays a crucial role as it is not just easier but also a wide variety of ready-made curtains are available in the market. Moreover, it overwhelms a room, gives finishing touch to any room decor, helps define the theme and becomes the most dramatic change besides paint. But as you know abundance makes the choice a bit difficult.

Decisions are not just limited to choosing between plain or printed or between different colours but you will also have to focus on fabric, length and style. Let' s analyze what you must consider before buying curtains for your home.

Before buying curtains for a room, think about the mood and style of that room be it a casual, cosy or a classic one. And what affect do you want to achieve? Do you want to blend the curtains with the paint or want it in contrast? These questions need to be answered before buying any kind of curtains. Today we will discuss the options of plain or printed curtains.

Plain Curtains

plain curtains
Plain curtains come up with many decorating options and leave considerable space for upcoming alterations. Interior design experts mostly say that they are safe options as you can balance out different patterns with it. If you want to make a bold statement, choose bright colour curtains that will coordinate well with other furniture pieces. But you must know that if the decor is monochromatic or the style is classic and elegant, bold curtains may look out of the place.

If you want to blend the curtains with the rest of decor, choose curtains that are slightly darker than the paint of walls or pick a subtle and soft colour in the room. Colour coordinated curtains create a soft and harmonious look.

Printed Curtains

printed curtains
Printed curtains give immediate flair to decoration but it must be avoided if you already have bold wallpapers, furniture or bedding. If solid colours dominate, you must consider the bold patterns. Bold and graphic patterns look astounding but give an amazing look when their colours relate and contrast in the existing decor.

For a vibrant touch, go for small and neutral patterns like stripes, florals, dots or geometric shapes giving a soft and modern touch to the space. Vertical stripes are perfect for small rooms as they give look of a taller ceiling and wide space.

Whatever you choose, decision is yours but keep these styling factors in view.

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