Pet Proofing - Preparing the Home for Your First Pet


Pet Proofing - Preparing the Home for Your First Pet

Getting a pet for the first time is a great adventure. Every family member gets excited about the new family member, be it a pup or a cat. It is because their innocent faces and wagging tails suddenly make the world a happier place. However, you may not know that these pets can wreak havoc. Interestingly, these little pets are inquisitive about every new thing and mischievous too and love to consider everything in the home their toys.

To make sure that the new little addition brings nothing but joy, so its wise to make your home pet proof. It will not just keep your valuable assets save but it will also keep your pet safe. Read the following blog to get a completed guide to pet proofing your home.

Pet-proof your home

Pets are generally inquisitive and would love to get into everything. You should invest in close-lid trash cans and tightly-closing containers to help keep the pets out. The cords should be tied up higher and even electric wires should either be hidden or moved - since the pups and kittens like to play with them and chew on them, when they are on teething.

Secure your home

Make sure that doors and windows close properly to minimize the chance of your pets straying from your home or from their particular home. Cats also like to climb up curtains and even on the window panes, so do some research about cat-proof items that you can add to your home. If your pet pup can access the yard during the day, make your the wall is high or the fence is strong and completely secure.

Purchase a few toys for your pets

Pets love to play with toys. Yes! It is true that they enjoy playing with a variety of stuffed toys. You can select from an array of soft balls, chew toys, or string toys for your cat or pup. They love to explore with their mouths, so make sure that anything you buy can be bitten, licked, or chewed on. Moreover, you can see from selection of already purchased toys that what entices him/her the most and buy the same variety again.

Create a play area

Pets are not just for your entertainment, they need some playtime too. Therefore, it is important to create fun play area within home. You could get a fence installed in the yard to allow your pup run around without having access to the whole yard. Cats love to climb, so invest in a good climbing shelf to give your cat a room to roam.

Invest in an Air Purifier

If you are concerned about the pet hair and dander in the air of your home, invest in an air purifier specifically designed for home that have pets. These air purifiers do not just keep the air clean but also help people in the home that having pet allergies.

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