Pakistan realty sector - Where is it heading towards in 2019?


Pakistan realty sector - Where is it heading towards in 2019

Higher return on investment (ROI) makes real estate an attractive investment sector in Pakistan for potential investors. That is why real estate investment represents a significant chunk of majority of Pakistani people's wealth. It is said that most of the people there invest nearly one-third of their net worth in different forms of real estate assets. Anticipating the trends, real estate experts predict that Pakistan property market will show positive growth in 2019 and the volume of investment will also improve as the economy continues to flourish since the new government took over the reign. Let's have a look at different sectors of Pakistan property market and their trends.

Lahore real estate market seems to be the most attractive investment option in Pakistan for long. And Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has proved to be the most attractive residential society of the city since its inception. It can be verified from the statistics of the number of queries received at HomesPakistan and authentic real estate agents. Majority of wealthy investors always selects this locality, whenever they intend to invest in Lahore real estate. Whether it is a residential plot or a commercial property, it has always been a preferred choice due to the promising returns, it offers on investment, security, capital appreciation and transparent property transaction procedure.

Islamabad, Federal capital of Pakistan, is the most expensive city of country. Not just the infrastructure and lifestyle reflects the wealth of people but the real estate prices of Islamabad also do so. This realty market is not stuck and seems to be on the rise, because posh residential societies such as Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and Bahria Town offer stellar profit opportunities to potential investors as compared to the sectors controlled by Capital Development Authority (CDA). With the inauguration of New Airport in Islamabad and new residential societies around it, the market experienced a new surge in land prices there. Investors, who do not invest in DHA and Bahria Town due to the price hike, show interest in new residential societies like Fazaia, Tarnol, AWT and extended sectors of existing societies near new airport.

Despite the deteriorating law & order situation, Karachi real estate market experienced a boom in the year 2013, when several new mega projects were announced there. Amongst the popular investment areas in Karachi, Clifton and DHA draw the maximum attention. The trend can be confirmed from real estate agents operating in this metropolitan city. As compared to DHA Lahore and DHA Islamabad, DHA Karachi always offers more value in terms of profit to the investors. DHA Karachi launched DHA Creek City, therefore, an increase in the demand and DHA land prices has been noticed. It seems like there is hardly any substitute to DHA in Karachi but Bahria Town is also in the list of most popular residential localities in Karachi and investors consider it too.

After reading this research, you can clearly understand where Pakistan real estate market is heading towards and where you should invest.