Pakistan in debt of Martyr's Sacrifices



Today, the entire Pakistani nation is celebrating national Defence Day to commemorate and honour the sacrifices of Pakistan Army' s soldiers – who gave their lives for the defence of beloved motherland.

September 6, 1965 was the date when Pakistan Army successfully defended Indian army onslaught and secured its country, when the war continued for almost 17 days. Indian army violated Pakistan's borders and attacked first at midnight on September 6, 1965 at Bambanwala Ravi Bediyan (BRB) Canal. The death toll was high on both sides but the war ended in a United Nation mandated ceasefire order and the subsequent issuance of the Tashkent Declaration.

And after that, the day was declared as national Defence Day. And since then, the day is celebrated with full zeal and zest. The day begins with special prayers for the country' s security, progress and development. Moreover, in every city, events are held to celebrate the event of 1965. Change of guards ceremonies are also held at the mausoleums of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Government officials, senior military officials lay floral wreaths at the mausoleums of martyrs and offer prayers to pay tributes to the heroes of 1965 war. And Pakistani nation is in debt to the sacrifices rendered by martyrs of the Armed Forces, who gave their lives to safeguard the frontiers of Pakistan.

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