Outdoor Living Trends for Winter 2016



The seasonal shifts or the region don’t matter, when it comes to outdoor living. Understanding the importance of patio, most of the architects have come up with plans to help homeowners make the most of their homes’ outdoor living spaces in the upcoming season. November is about to begin and weather has started taking turn – it seems like winter is quickly approaching. Before the weather changes abruptly, it' s time to upgrade your patio to welcome the transformation.

Let' s have a look at top three outdoor patio trends for 2016:

A Softer Look

A unique mix of fibreglass and resin is used for softer look, which can be appeared in anything from centre table to coffee table and from recliners to concrete patio floors. While this may seem like a surprising trend to some, architects say that homeowners will get attracted towards the sleek material, vibrant colours, contemporary vibe and all weather functionality.


Teak Furniture

From Adirondack chairs to modern platform seating and from recliners to sofa – furniture made from teak or any other natural wood will be the biggest trend this year. Interior designers and architects believe that teak furniture with minimal elements of stainless steel can give a fresh look to your patio and make it appear modern and stylish.


Make it Colourful

Winter gives you chance to play with all your favourite colours – be it red, maroon, blue, orange or aqua. You can add almost every colour to your outdoor living space – from plants to coffee tables and from cushions to umbrellas and window boxes. Colours add life and they can extend to your outdoor furniture and accessories.


Low Maintenance Landscape

This time, you must move away from an outdoor space that needs expensive maintenance every time. Instead, put your money and energy in creating a comfortable, cosy and bright outdoor space, where you will not have to do a lot of hard work to maintain the look. It must feel like an extension of your home and not an alien spaceship.


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