Organize Your Kitchen to Get Through this Isolation Time


Organize Your Kitchen to Get Through this Isolation Time

This post is definitely not for those, who daily go out of home for work since the pandemic broke out. However, this is for all those who are practising social distancing and have work to do from home but still being at home for 24/7 can get boring, tiring and monotonous too. For men and women both, if you have got enough time to kill and are already spending this time lounging around, it's time to buck yourself up and be a little more productive to give a fresh look to your home.

Let's start with the kitchen, where we stock up most of our food items but always unable to find anything in time. Nowadays, when we are already stocking up the bare essentials but hardly find anytime in last many months to organize the items smartly - it's time to get organized and store all the items nicely. Let's find out how to begin.

Declutter the storage area

Irrespective of the fact whether you have full-fledged pantry to stock up your dry food items or few cabinets to manage all the things, we all end up pushing few tins and boxes behind the main items that we usually forget to take them out and use before expiry date. The first step is to declutter the storage area and start organizing things in a way that you have access to everything, everytime. Experts suggest if you have tins and cans to be used in home, you must organize them according to expiry date. Moreover, when you take everything out of kitchen cabinets, do not forget to disinfect them, dry them and clean them properly. You may not have time to repeat the activity in near future anytime soon.

Sort and arrange according to use

Once you are done with the decluttering process, it's time to organize your kitchen cabinets. Initially, organizing kitchen means arranging your kitchen tools and cabinets in a way that makes a sense to you and other family members, so that they can use it as per their convenience. Pro tip: Make everything you regularly use as accessible as possible. If you cannot afford having similar kind and shape of storage boxes, you must invest in some sort of cabinet organizers that can separate the storage food.

Store similar items together

Now, it's the time to put items back in pantry or kitchen cabinet. The trick to always have a nicely arranged cabinet is to arrange the cupboard by keeping similar items from the same group together. For instance, never mix the readily edible food items with dry food items or canned food with non-edibles. It will not just look nice but make it a lot easier to find a particular item from the cabinet. Keep the convenience in mind but also remember the usage of items, while arranging them in the cabinet. For instance, you may not cake mix often but need a box of cereals on daily basis.

Arranging the non-food items

You will hardly see all the appliances decorated on the countertops in the kitchen. However, if you want to display some of them, make sure you pick depending upon their frequency of usage or the size. Arrange smaller appliances on the countertop to make the kitchen look bigger. Otherwise, dedicate a part of your kitchen cabinets to store these appliances, so that you can access them whenever you need them.

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