Orange Line Metro Project to be Completed on Time



Since inception of this development project, there are two groups who are on opposite sides. One of them is in favour of this project while the other sees all the excavation, destruction and the changing life due to this project. No matter, which group you belong to – one thing is clear that we have to pay the price before enjoying every facility, be it overhead bridges, underpasses, metro tracks or wide roads. And now as the completion date is nearing, people are being doubtful about the current status of this development project.

Chairman of the Steering Committee for this development project stated, "All possible resources will be utilized for timely completion of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project and the deadline set for this project will not be extended despite numerous delaying factors." He said this while reviewing the progress of this ongoing project.

And to complete this project, additional resources, labour and machinery would be put in for expediting the construction work with a view to achieve the target within stipulated time. After completing the construction work, electrical and mechanical work for the project will commence soon. Government of Punjab has handed over possession of more than 400 kanals of land, owned by the Punjab Sports Board, to the Chinese contractor for a period of two years.

Temporary factory has been set up there for assembling track of the train at the above-mentioned place. Machinery for this purpose will start arriving from the next month from China through sea route. He also mentioned the keen interest of Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif about horticulture work along the track of Orange Line Metro Train. Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) should pay special attention to this issue and must prepare a comprehensive plan in advance for this purpose.

More than 44 percent of the construction work of the project has already been completed. As you may know the project has been divided into four packages. 56% work of Package I from Dera Gujran to Chuburji, 44% work of Package II from Chuburji to Ali Town, 39% work on Package III near Dera Gujran Dept and 44% work on Package IV stabling yard near Ali Town on Raiwind Road has been completed.

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