Most Important Home Features Buyers Looking for in 2020


Most Important Home Features Buyers Looking for in 2020

The pandemic that has forced most of us to take shelter in our homes, interrupted the positive momentum of countless economic sectors including the real estate sector around the globe. In fact, what was supposed to be one of the most happening year in the recent history has failed to live up to the expectations. The pandemic has served as an obstacle but the fact is that demand remains intact, the buyers are in the market and the sellers are there too but all are waiting for someone to make the first move.

When buying has become imminent, let’s shift the focus on the pointers that have become more important after the pandemic. Though the pandemic has changed the way buyers and sellers view the realty sector but the most coveted home features remain attractive for the majority. We have outlined a number of features that most of the buyers look for in houses so that sellers can take notes to make their homes more desirable for a large set of buyers.

Updated kitchen

What is the most important feature that home buyers look for? The answer is simple: an updated kitchen space. An updated kitchen must have up-to-date appliances, presentable countertops and a dedicated eat-in space. It must give warm feelings to the family (especially with children), a place where all members can gather for breakfast or dinner and share the happenings of the day. During remodelling, the sellers can either create space for a small table and chairs in the kitchen or consider adding a centre island with bar chairs around.

Home office

Nowadays amidst pandemic, a large number of people have jobs that allow them to work remotely from their homes. Home office is an important feature in the homebuyers' checklist and it is not a surprise that people look for a designated room, they can use as an office. Having a dedicated place in the house for people to work from home keeps them focused and boost their productivity. In order to create such space, just make sure the room is away from the living room, designed for the sole purpose of work and gives a feel of workplace. It must not have any sort of bed inside.

Energy efficiency

The cost of purchasing a new home is quite large, so most of them are not left with enough expendable funds to look after the costs and bills that follow the actual purchase itself. People can limit the amount dedicated for house maintenance but energy bills are something that cannot be avoided. Therefore, energy efficiency has become one of the top features that home buyers check, for the sole purpose of saving money. They want bigger windows to let natural light spread throughout the key areas of home during the day and they emphasize having energy-efficient appliances installed. Energy-efficient homes help limit the utility bills and save money in the long run. Therefore, sellers are advised to include as many energy efficient upgrades in their homes, as they can - if they want to attract the buyers.


With more and more time spent inside home in 2020 that outdoor space has become a critical part of the home. Moreover, most of the buyers come from small living spaces or apartments and moving up is more of a need for more space. It should not be a surprise that sellers must not neglect the patio or backyard area, when prepping a home for sale. When most of the buyers see a home with a really nice backyard, they envision outdoor family gatherings. Moreover, the backyard garden gives break from the four walls and roof, while still being in a safe place.

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