Ministry of Housing to Launch Apartments Project



To curb the housing shortage issue, the PML-N government always came up with numerous plans during this tenure such as Aashiana Housing Plan in Lahore. Now, the Ministry of Housing and Works has planned to launch a mega housing project under which 1200 apartments would be constructed on an area of 140 kanals of government land in the federal capital. The plot is not vacant but houses were already constructed there some 50 years ago.

The apartments would be constructed at Sector F-6 in place of 90 out-dated and old houses, says an official of the ministry. A summary of the project has already been sent to the Prime Minister for approval after which the excavation work would be started there. And the stipulated time for the completion of project is two years.

It is proposed to the government that after completion of the project, the ministry will sell 30 percent of the total construction, while remaining apartments would remain with the government. A piece of land has already been given to the Capital Administration and Development Division at Sector G-13 to build a public school for the residents there and sufficient amount has also been given to the civic authority for development work in the sector.

Besides this plan, the ministry has taken several decisions during the current tenure keeping in view the continuously deteriorated situation of the housing sector in the country due to non-implementation of policies of previous governments. Current government will review various measures and policies formulated in the past in order to come up with such measures, which are pragmatic and implementable for housing sector.

The emphasis of the government would be to focus on the basic and essential requirements for creating a favourable and conducive environment in the country just to promote and facilitate the housing sector. The government will ensure that a proper coordinating and monitoring is set up at the federal level within the ministry of housing and works.

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