Make Your Home Summer Ready



We are hardly few weeks away from sweltering hot temperatures, bug invasions and soaring electricity bills. And as we all know that cold weather takes toll on every home, so it is time to get your home back in shape. Before summer hits at full throttle, make sure you along with your home are fully prepared.

Invite Summer Indoors

Simple and seasonal interior updates are key to make your home ready for summer and creating a vibe that winter is far away now. You need to brighten up your interior and update the space with lighter yet brighter colour accessories. You need to extinguish everything that evokes heat such as rugs, heaters, quilts, heavy tapestry and blankets. Do not forget to replace dark coloured flowers with fresh cut flowers.

Freshen up Interior

Whenever the season changes, maintenance and interior design companies offer amazing discount and deals for home make-over – take full advantage of it. Do not just go for colour changes but also consider carpet cleaning, window washing and even have your Air Conditioning units checked.

Mow Your Lawn

Summer means gardening, grilling and spending more time outside. It is time to spruce up your garden and mow your lawn. Clear out weeds and redefine the bed edges. Remove old leaves with metal rake. Take help from gardener for choosing right seeds and sow them at the right place in your garden.

Give your Air Conditioner a Check-up

Pakistan is a hotter country and most of the people here rely on fans and air conditioners to cool their home. Therefore, before sweltering summer, you need to check the air conditioner units that they are properly running for summer. Make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the unit and washed the AC filters to keep electricity bills down.

Finish the Paint Job

Summer is the best season for painting home. It can make your home look fresh and help protect the walls and furniture. Preventive touch up jobs can save you a lot of money that you would have spent on repairs. Do not forget to pressure wash your walls before painting to remove dirt, stains and mold that paint cannot hide.

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