Looking for Housewarming Gifts? See What People Actually Want


Looking for Housewarming Gifts? See What People Actually Want

The feeling of moving into a new home is always delightful and enthralling and it becomes nicer when your friends and family members bring you something to welcome you in new home, after moving there. Buying gifts for new homeowners can be little stressful, as gifts are tokens of love but everyone wants to buy something cute and practical, simultaneously. There is a fine line between a functional and boring gift, so before plunging into it, take notes of what you want and most importantly, don't take it as fun.

The housewarming gifts need to be pretty but not weird, and must be handy enough for frequent use. Keep in view that what a new homeowner may need and try to invest in something that is equally beautiful, memorable and useful.

A Set of Personalized Cushions

Buying a set of customized cushions is not just one of its own kinds of housewarming gift but can also be a beautiful highlight of home decor. You can choose a picture of the home or anything related to home and get it done accordingly. Placed on your living room couch, and you will be showered with compliments by the guests.

Dining Table Napkins

Cloth napkins are one of those kitchen items that no one bothers to buy for themselves, until they have a dinner party or gathering at their home. You can buy two sets of 4 or 6 napkins so that the homeowner can serve the same to every guest. Reusable cloth napkins add style and elegance to the table without doing a lot of efforts. Cloth napkins are practical and beautiful and the idea of re-using them after every wash is simply great. To choose the right ones, consider the home decor theme, and style and pick the colour that can compliment them.

A Welcome Mat

Who does not need foot mats in new homes? However, hardly anyone feels like buying one until they settle down in new home. How about making them feel special by ordering a personalized doormat for new homeowners? A doormat is the first thing that guests will see when they arrive for party. And it is a thoughtful way to put an individual touch right outside the front door.

A Custom Portrait of Family

A custom portrait of family and house together makes an amazing gift and a unique reminder of all that is home. Send photos of your friend and his/her family to the artist that can paint the portrait or create its digital file that you can print and then get it framed. To make it more personalized, you can add family's names or a beautiful quote or text about them.

A Ceramic Tile with Coordinates

"Home is where the heart is" written on ceramic tile hanged on a TV lounge wall, right besides the TV plug. This personalized ceramic tile sign can be customized with a home's graphic photograph or any other important address coordinates. Hang or put the ceramic tile as a home decor item anywhere in the home lounge. Gift this beautiful tile to your friend on moving into a new home and you will be always remembered.

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