Living Off-Grid – What to Consider While Purchasing Off-Grid Property?



For a lot of people like me, off-grid living is fancy and attractive. At first, you may plan of sleeping under the stars or camping for a few days when thinking about off-grid living but let me tell you that it goes deeper than that. It is the ultimate change in you, to develop a self-sustained lifestyle; to just have what you need, not take from land and to start eating as raw as eating straight from your garden.

The purpose to explain the off-grid living is just to let everyone (who dream of this lifestyle) know the latent concerns as sometimes, they overlook the challenges associated with this lifestyle. Living off the grid also means living in the rural area, which already presents a number of safety issues that you must be aware of before choosing a property.

The following post will explain most of the challenges that you must keep in mind before finalizing the property.

Distance From Nearby City

Off-grid lifestyle lovers usually want to enjoy all the benefits so they prefer living far away from cities but at the same time, they want to have access to the amenities that any big city offers such as medical care facilities and shopping. Therefore, rural areas that are around 60 to 100 miles away from a bigger city seem to be an attractive option for off-grid lifestyle lovers.

Water Source

To manage your off-grid living, the property must have access to a reliable source of fresh water. Make sure, the rural area is blessed with river, stream, lake, shallow depth aquifer or pond. You can dig a well on your property to get easy access to the water or you will have to utilize spring or lake resources to bring water to home.

Energy Source

As it is clear that off-grid lover would not want to rely on anything but natural. Therefore, you must consider the energy-generating potential from different sources including solar, hydro, wind and geo-thermal. In order to create a self-sustaining lifestyle, the property must have access to a reliable mode of creating power to sustain a normal, efficient yet self-sustaining lifestyle.

This is not all, and to know more about the challenges that you must keep in view while buying an off-grid property, you must read the next post.

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