Learn How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Abode


Learn How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Abode

I, like majority of people, find it very difficult to get adjusted to any new place and the same thing happened when I recently shifted my home. Therefore, I thought to discuss it today on this platform to find out things we all can do to adapt to a new place and turn a house into home. I have learnt one thing that house is just a name of structure but a home is all about what goes inside it. A home is all about people who live inside and special things that transform an ordinary space into our own place.

Instead of digging the matter deep, let's generalize few universal ideas to help us create an abode that appear warm, welcoming and lived-in.

Add your personal touch!

You must add a personal touch to the given space so that it starts feeling like yours such as begin with the floor. Numerous flooring options are available nowadays such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors but rugs and carpets seem to be the most convenient options. Though textiles are not the only things you can do to your floors but rugs and carpets give a warm feeling and make a place appear more lived-in. To make a home look merrier and happier, you must add your personal touch to things you have picked for home. For instance, lay down rugs and carpets in your favourite colour and also the ones that can make you happy and comfortable whether you have inherited that piece from your grandmother or bought it from a thrift store.

Play with Colours

Shades of wood colour seem to be dominant in most of the homes in Pakistan because people remain indecisive about how to play with their favourite colours. I think we must add colours of our choice in home interior. For instance, I love blue colour and I can go crazy with it, so I have experimented a lot with this colour in my home from table lamps' shades, to cushions, from curtains to rugs and from throws to table covers. You can also play with your favourite colour but learn how to create balance and harmony between different colours. Interior designers and architects suggest keeping the base colour neutral in order to let accessories be prominent and convey message of calmness. Keep the walls colour neutral such as white, off-white or beige and change accessories in different colours from time to time.

Change Interior as per Your Needs

Who says a dining room has to be a dining room only? A room can serve many purposes at a time. I have also learnt with time that a house feeling like a home has much to do with its functionality. Design decisions can be taken sitting with an architect but you will have to decide the functionalities of space yourself. For instance, storage is a major issue that can sometime make our homes look cluttered and a bit messier, if it is not handled carefully. I have discovered that storage has an aesthetic aspect as well such as Bracket shelves or horizontal shelves to pile up accessories or books in any room can make the space lively and attractive. Moreover, you can pick different kinds of storage devices to display them on their own or store things within them and display a tidy room that looks beautiful as well.

You don't need an interior design expert to help you turn a space into home but do it all yourself to spruce up and customize your home in your way.

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